Monday, March 24, 2014

Change is in the Air!

Hello! Thank you for visiting the 39 and Holding Club.

This first article is a little odd, as we're facing a major technological challenge. 

The following information also pertains to:


No, you are not in the wrong place. Yes, things, they are a-changin’. One thing that is constant, is change, right?

And EVERYTHING is ch-ch-ch-changing for me this year, including the moving and upgrading of my websites.

I am undertaking a monumental job – rebuilding ALL of my websites – at the same time. Call me crazy (and many do), but when my last webhost company’s servers crashed for five days, I had to take matters into my own non-techie hands.

So please bear with me – if you were looking for something specific or need an editing quote, feel free to contact me via email or phone (in California), 858-292-5288.

In the meantime, there is another, established blog for 39 and Holding Club, aka Club 39 - check it out! And this site will soon have information about how YOU can join the most fun, innate club on Earth! C'mon back!

Otherwise, look for the sites to be restored (new, fun, fresh!) asap, in the order as listed above. I hope you’ll return and enjoy our achievements in change.

Rock On!