Monday, October 5, 2015

39ers' ROCK-tober!

39ers’ “ROCK”TOBER!

October and Rock music have had ghoulish fun together since Rock and Roll Rescued Radio in the mid-1950s. From DJ John Zacherle’s “Cool Ghoul” (name given him by Dick Clark), to the legendary Wolfman Jack, October is just plain fun.

Great 39er Rockers share this month’s limelight, with notable pumpkin-flavored birthdays – keep the beat with Chuck Berry (Oct. 18), explore the inane with Weird Al (Oct. 23), and lead us to temptation, with Otis Williams, last surviving member of The Temptations (Oct. 30).

Best of all, it’s the month when adults get to be kids again and dress up for Halloween. What more could you want?! Ummmm, how about a zombie-style cocktail? Yum-rum!