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39ers Aging with ATTitude Platitude JULY 2023

July is a Playground in My Mind  

Good Morning 39ers! I know, it may not be morning when you read this, but I’d like to share with you a recent early a.m. journal entry … a peek into an elder who is 39 and Holding many times over … ever wondered what old, retired people think? Heehee …I have lots in store for you this summer month. But if you’re a 39er, you know by now, “stuff happens.” So, other than the short note on life below, the rest has taken a while, but finally ready for your summer reading pleasure.  

I start every morning with: So I woke up this morning … musing on the day, I thought about my recent visit to the San Diego County Fair media event. While wandering around on the warm afternoon, I stopped at a pop-up theme bar and picked up a promotional button that in my little pea-brain speaks to life in today’s society.

A monkey in sunglasses stared at me from center-front, holding a coconut container of a presumably alcoholic crème drink. The button rimmed in leopard spots, framed the smirking chimp surrounded by jungle foliage and flowers. Under the large title “Destination Unknown” splashed across the button, he suggests, “Find us and get lost.”

I instantly connected with that button’s message … but likely not how it was intended. My whole life has felt like a destination unknown experience—I’ve never had “a plan,” like the business and life coaches hawk, except to write—mid-life, I finally figured out that was my “superpower,” so to speak. Though, to make a living with it … still no plan.

Oh, I tried a few times to map out a five-year course of action, but “life” took turns that irrevocably altered the most determined of paths, to the point, I finally just went where the wind took me. Unfortunately, the wind lost its strength somewhere along the way and here I am, writing mostly for myself. And you, if you’re still reading! 

However, I’ve had some interesting experiences, following a destination unknown … and seriously … none of us know our final destination after our time in the concrete jungle of life, now, do we? So, like a monkey hanging from a tree, bouncing up-and-down with drink in hand, we may as well have fun and laugh all the way through! Happy UN-Birthday JULY 39ers! 

֎ Celebrating JULY 39ers ~ And More!   

Working off the musing and title above, I may not be as physically or financially viable for fun adventures of yore, but I have incredible memories and lots of joy sharing July’s journeys of the mind—and body—for younger 39ers. Venture forth!

Let your imagination run wild for World Watercolor Month! Plus words of wisdom for JULY UN-birthday 39ers and a whole lot more! Happy 4th of July … hope it was full of patriotic pride, good food, and peaceful celebration --and all with a Forever Young ATT-i-tude! LR  

A recent PBS documentary included a quote that I haven’t decided is inspirational or depressing. See if you agree with the enigmatic Benjamin Franklin, If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth the writing …    

However, ol’ Ben’s words that I truly connect with, speak to today’s troubled world as well as his own, If all printers were determined not to print anything ‘til they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed … Seems as though nothing much has changed in a couple hundred years … 

Enough philosophy, 39ers, let’s get on with the lazy, hazy days summer! 

July 3rd: Just in time to usher in the first fireworks of Independence Day, Full Moon Magic started the night before with sparklers of its own. Before a holiday of fireworks, the July Full Buck Moon was known to the Cree as Feather Moulting Moon, and the Halfway Summer Moon by Anishinaabe. One of 2023’s supermoons, it’s called Buck Moon to acknowledge the fully developed antlers of the magnificent buck (male deer). Yep, that got your attention, 39er deer-hunters!

 July 10th: Although cold beer is often thought to be the quintessential hot summer drink, today is your day to party island-style on Piña Colada Day! No “official” link is provided to support it, well, because, no one knows its “official” origin. Several stories have linked the frosty Piña Colada all the way back to 1825 in Puerto Rico, which in 1978, proclaimed it as their official drink. And there ya go … ahhhhhh, yummy! 39ers will remember,  If you like Pina Coladas | Getting caught in the rain  (Rupert Holmes, 1979) 

July 15th: July isn’t complete without a 39er concert!  If you’re in or near San Diego, you’re in luck! Tonight the inimitable Psychedelic Rock band, Blue Oyster Cult, hits the Del Mar Fairgrounds SOUND Stage. A little earlier in 1973 they were climbing the charts with their tunes from the Tyranny and Mutation album. Enjoy!

July 17th: Moving forward with the New Moon! As always, 39ers, take what you learned in the couple of weeks after completing your Full Moon projects, and celebrate July’s new beginnings with your New Moon Musings. The New Moon boosts your ideas and plans into action goals. Go … activate your summer! 

July 18th-22nd: This is Family Golf Week! I am the first to admit I know next to nothing about “real” golf. I even suck at miniature golf. And taking a semester of golf oh-so-many-years ago in college, you’d think I’d remember something … nope! Based in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the greens game tournament began in the late 1990s as The Father & Son Team Classic. It eventually expanded with their Parent Child Team Classic, for an all-inclusive week of fun and bonding. Considering the number of vehicles that roll in and out daily (rain or shine, year-round), of a San Diego golf course parking lot next to my residence, I’d say there are a good many of you 39ers out there who play golf. Forrrrrrre!   

July 20th: What and why for 39ers on the 20th of July … it’s Fortune Cookie Day! Now this is a day I can identify with … it involves food!  But we could also call it “Wonton noodles, wrappers and egg roll filling day” as they’re all made by Wonton Food Inc., which is celebrating their 50th year! Although Wonton Food is credited as the largest fortune-cookie producer, the History channel provides a varied background of the ubiquitous cookie delight, attributing it to similar creations as far back as 19th-century Japan—yes, not China. Whatever its origins, did you know that besides the standard vanilla, Wonton Food offers fortune cookies in chocolate and citrus flavors?! And yes, they will customize your message … like, Aging is a state of mind … Heehee …

July 21st: While golf and other “ball” games are great bonding options for families, living near a horse racing track offers a whole different set of bonding opportunities. Today is Opening Day at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (San Diego/Del Mar, California). We 39ers don’t always have a lot of things in common with our kids and grandchildren these days—horse racing done right, is an interest that can be shared well beyond the betting turnstiles.

Teach them about the blood, sweat and tears that bring the horses and their riders to the starting gate. Take them to the paddock and show them how the magnificent beasts are groomed, talk about what they eat and how the trainers and riders bond with them. Then, teach them how horse racing (or any sport) should be viewed as “entertainment,” with betting budget restrictions, to promote responsible gambling. It’s a personal favorite sport of mine … I love watching the horses fly around the track … and away they go!

July 22nd: San Diego 39ers can enjoy the great outdoors with a fun and adventurous mountain bike ride! Not in San Diego? I’ll bet your Parks & Recreation department has pleasurable summer excursions near you too!  

Locally, SD County Park Rangers, in tandem with SD Mountain Biking Association and REI Sporting Goods store, are ready to show beginners and intermediate riders the mountain biking ropes!

July 24th: Sadly, there is no official link for this auspicious day. Obviously, someone wanted to show their fondness for family—it’s Cousins Day!—but perhaps the day’s creator lost touch somewhere along the line. Cousins can deserve to be recognized, so if you have a special cousin that’s more like a sister or brother, tell them thanks for being there. We may not know why this day was inspired to list on a calendar, but we appreciate the thought … I know I couldn’t have survived these past 39+ years without my Cousin! In fact, if we were close enough to get together, I’d invite him to join me for …

July24th: National Frozen Margarita Day! Of course, he’s buying … LOL 

July 30th: Again, a fun day without a sponsored link. Welcome to Paperback Book Day! In recent decades the ubiquitous eBook has dominated the book scene. However, dedicated readers and writers will always favor the look, feel, and yes … smell … of a print book. The paperback book is a bridge between ethereal eBooks (which you know, you never truly own) and the high-priced (but sometimes worth it) hardbound book. Are you an avid reader? Many 39ers love the history behind Oldies Rock & Roll Radio. Our Big Bro booksBlast from Your Past paperback edition of The Swinging Sixties, takes you behind the mic for real stories of pioneering Rock & Roll disk jockeys. 

In honor of the day, my Rock & Roll Radio friends, if you’d rather add an eBook to your device for summer reading, and since I haven’t yet republished BFYP Book 1 in print (Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years 1954-1959), click on the title for a two-day eBook giveaway just for you over the weekend—July 29th & 30th! Enjoy, and Rock On … 

֎ Monthly Song of Note  
Regardless of age, summer leads our minds (if not our bodies) to summer recreation of all sorts. No better song is more inspirational for July fun than 1973’sPlayground in my Mind”; a one-hit-wonder for talented Clint Holmes. We obviously thought so then, and if you listen to it now, you’ll likely bounce and wistfully sing with it, like I did while writing this.

Although sliding down the charts in July, it enjoyed Top Ten status at many stations, including KUDE/Oceanside, California, where it rests at #20 before slipping off ... more tuneful tidbits to manifest your memories of 1973, and keep the Rock Rockin’ from 50 Years Ago this Month! … Living in a world that I left behind | Happy little children | In the playground in my mind …   

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars

Hello my dear Cancer (June 21-July 22) and Leo (July 23-August 22) 39ers. Are you ready to PAR-TAY? You’re both in for a stellar summer. Make the most of it!

Beginning with our usually quiet Cancer friends, do ya feel the love? You should—it’ll be with you nearly all month. You’ll even think about venturing out of your comfy shell to enclose the object of your affections in a big ol’ hug. The 17th’s New Moon could bring a new love or renewed love … your choice. As usual, it also brings new beginnings and since you’ve stepped out of your shell, even your finances will benefit. Rock on! 

Roar! That’s the sound of a wounded lion … but take heart, Leo, it won’t last long. You start July with a few bumps in the road, but your life roars back to life mid-month, when you realize your intuition is spot-on. Your financial picture needs altering, and you have the skills to do it properly. However, this is still a time of transition and self-reflection. Use your inner strength to recognize your new path forward.

July 39er gift idea: While many of us consider birthstones by month, some gemstone experts prefer their jewels by Zodiac sign. The deep-red ruby is perfect for your Cancer 39ers’ UN-birthday gift of passion, and the lucky Leo who receives a spiritual black onyx, will delight in its mystery.

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude 
Everybody’s “Playground in My Mind” is different. Take time each day to spend a few minutes in yours. ~ L. Rochelle 

Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ JULY 2023!
       This one’s for you, kids – Gary (IM), John (IM), Yvonne, Ed, Nancy Louise (IM), Marilyn,
Pat, Joyce, and Susan!  

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