Sunday, December 14, 2014

December - Celebrity Birthdays with Holiday Spirit!

Oh my, I’m so naughty – December UN-birthday fun is very late – please don’t send me a lump of coal!  

My procrastination however, does not mean that December 39ers are any less important – in fact, they may be the most important of the year!

December not only holds spiritual meaning for many of us, but signifies ending and renewal as a society, as well. So let’s get into it!  

December – Celebrity Birthdays with Holiday Spirit!
Just like a riff from Billy Gibbons’ Rockin’ guitar, Scorpio fades intensely into Sagittarius … crashing with an explosive crescendo that marks an exciting, definitive year-end, and leads into the promising New Year's beginning, with Capricorn.

Sagittarius is an esteemed elder member of the 88 modern constellations. It’s one of the 48 twinkly patterns listed by Ptolemy, 2nd century Greco-Egyptian writer, astronomer, mathematician, geographer, and astrologer. Whew! How do you pack all of that into one life?! Ah yes, it was before the Internet …

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 39ers – Feasts, Fun, and … Ouija?

Ah yes, the sweet but overly balanced Libra gives way this month to the somewhat uneven and intense mysteries of Scorpio. Admit it – you’re already thinking sex, passion, the occult, and probably sex again.

Sorry … (heehee) we’re going to focus on the Occult. There are as many ways to define that word as there are bats in the belfry. But by and large it signifies a deepened probe into life’s secrets and/or belief in alternative spirituality.

November 39ers may often be intrigued with superficial trappings of the perceived supernatural – among them, the Ouija “game.” Do you know that its origin can be traced back to 540 B.C.? Pythagoras, the philosopher, apparently amazed his friends and followers with frequent mystic séances. “Hello, hello, calling all ancestors …”

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov 21): So … is it no accident that the cryptic Scorpion month follows All Hallow’s Eve? Adding to the mystery, the Zodiac sign has been awarded its own celebratory day of warning: November 18 is National Married to a Scorpio Support Day.* (Hmmmm – was it created by one of my exes??) 

Friday, October 3, 2014


Happy UN-Birthday October 39ers!  

October and Rock music have had ghoulish fun together since Rock and Roll Rescued Radio in the mid-1950s. From DJ John Zacherle’s “Cool Ghoul” (name given him by Dick Clark), to the legendary Wolfman Jack, October is just plain fun.  

Great 39er Rockers share this month’s limelight, with notable pumpkin-flavored birthdays – keep the beat with Chuck Berry (Oct. 18), explore the inane with Weird Al (Oct. 23), and lead us to temptation, with Otis Williams, last surviving member of The Temptations (Oct. 30). Best of all ...

Friday, September 12, 2014

September people are special, indeed ...

September to Remember!

September people are special, indeed. Challenging the Zodiac realm with Virgo’s perfectionism and Libra’s gentle sense of balance, they are both formidable and lovable.

Of course, a “perfect balance” is nearly impossible with September guys and gals, so we may need to have patience with you, but your winning ways make that pretty easy.

And no wonder you’re confused about how to stabilize and perfect your life! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Chance Encounter of LIKE = Love … Lust … and Lies

He was hot, passionate, full of promise. It was one of those affairs that burn with white-flame intensity. Ignoring the instinctive warning that hit my stomach at first touch, I smiled coquettishly.

Waves of electricity shook my body with his responding grin of anticipation. Yes! As a 39er (many times over) I wasn’t dead yet!

We began like many other couples; a chance encounter through friends formed an instant, tenuous bond. At first hesitant, we fumbled for words. He held my hand just a bit too long on first touch. A red flag tried to rise, but I shoved it back down.

One brief moment led to more; sometimes with friends, but more frequently, we escaped on leisurely walks down darkened roads. Soon we chatted with the likes of old chums. Morning coffee links lead to early evening happy hours. Eventually, we turned to late night smooches with our favorite libation.

It didn’t take long. In mere weeks, I couldn’t deny it … to like him was no longer enough.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fashion Frustration Pet Peeve

Most of the time as a “retiree” (excuse me while I laugh into my coffee), I have no need to wear anything other than the sloppiest of casual clothes.

However, I’m not (yet) a hermit and there are those times when I must face the public. I would like to do so in something other than my 20-year-old halfway decent fashions.

But shopping for clothes is no longer the fun past time that once showed off my bargain finds, demonstrating fashion sense for mere cents.

I have … ahem … “matured.” While I enjoy the added wisdom of my mental maturity, I do not appreciate my body’s insistence on keeping up with my bulging brain.

However, I will not soon again don a mini-skirt (stop laughing! I once rocked 'em ... and yes, young’uns, you are simply regurgitating our '60s-revolutionary style) … I would, though, like to find something “in my size” in our department stores.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy UN-Birthday to May Flowers & Mums

Birthdays are important here at 39AHC. Is May YOUR birth month?

 Happy UN-Birthday!

Oh, of course, you're NOT a year older -- THAT isn't happening! No we UN-do birthdays here. However, birthdays are vital reminders to pamper ourselves and have fun, at least ONE day out of the year. OK, well, I tend to party the whole month away, but maybe that's just me. So here is some fun for this month's UN-birthday 39ers ...

May Flowers & Mums
In case your head is stuck in the pre-summer sand, this Sunday (May 11) is Mother's Day ...

Go that extra mile to celebrate your 39er Mom or Mum for Mother’s Day! Send flowers – but not just ANY flowers – make it special and send her the one that corresponds with her birth month.

Mine happens to be the Chrysanthemum (are you paying attention, sons?) which symbolizes cheerfulness, friendship and abundance, according to Wikipedia. Additional info links: SeriouslyFlowers, TheOld Farmer’s Almanac.

What’s YOUR mother’s birth flower? (P.S.: Just to confuse you, some months have more than one flower.) Here's what you need to know ...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Change is in the Air!

Hello! Thank you for visiting the 39 and Holding Club.

This first article is a little odd, as we're facing a major technological challenge. 

The following information also pertains to:


No, you are not in the wrong place. Yes, things, they are a-changin’. One thing that is constant, is change, right?

And EVERYTHING is ch-ch-ch-changing for me this year, including the moving and upgrading of my websites.

I am undertaking a monumental job – rebuilding ALL of my websites – at the same time. Call me crazy (and many do), but when my last webhost company’s servers crashed for five days, I had to take matters into my own non-techie hands.

So please bear with me – if you were looking for something specific or need an editing quote, feel free to contact me via email or phone (in California), 858-292-5288.

In the meantime, there is another, established blog for 39 and Holding Club, aka Club 39 - check it out! And this site will soon have information about how YOU can join the most fun, innate club on Earth! C'mon back!

Otherwise, look for the sites to be restored (new, fun, fresh!) asap, in the order as listed above. I hope you’ll return and enjoy our achievements in change.

Rock On!