Monday, September 7, 2020

Happy UN-Birthday 39ers SEPTEMBER 2020

♪ Hey. You! Get Off of My  ♪ … UN-Birthday!  

Skilled scriptwriters come up with some great thought-provoking dialogue, and some that are just catchy. “Picture this” … Sophia on the vintage sitcom, Golden Girls began her reminiscent stories. When it debuted, we mimicked her prelude to start our own silly tales.

 I enjoyed a couple episodes recently and one of Sophia’s lines, caught my attention. “Kids! Once they turn 50 they think they know everything.”

 The realization of those words had me rolling in laughter. I thought that very thing about my children (twin boys) when they turned 12 … they’re turning 52 this month … and it’s true! 1) That we are back to that scenario in our lives … 2) that I’m that old … and 3) Sophia was right!

My point? Age is relative. It’s what you know and understand at any age that is important—to you. Keep your mind young and you will be young. Celebrate your youth at any age! Let’s do just that 39ers

Celebrating SEPTEMBER 39ers ~ And More!
America has taken a beating so far this year—literally and figuratively—so let’s bury the hatchet (and guns and knives and pepper spray and …) and celebrate September together, as Bourbon Heritage Month!
            A 1964 Act of Congress inspired the official declaration (2007) that bourbon is “America’s Native Spirit” and embodies our family heritages, traditions, and time-honored legacies. I’ll drink to that!
Let’s start with an innovative bourbon recipe to calm our nerves and raise our patriotic spirit: the Maple Old-Fashioned, as shared by Epicurious. This lively fall libation is made with bourbon, vermouth, bitters, and orange twists wrapped around fresh cherries. Oh my! (Of course, please drink respectfully and responsibly.

Starting September 2020 with a heat wave, let me remind you not to leave anything that will melt in your vehicle. Some of us still recall when that applied to vinyl records, and …

September 15th
: National 8-Track Tape Day
8-track tapes! Think back, and hold a moment of silence for that favorite 8-track left on the car seat so long ago. Its plastic case melted onto the filmy tape and you still shed a quiet tear for the Rolling Stones’ “Get Off of My Cloud!” ♪ And I sit at home looking out the window | Imagining the world has stopped … ♪
Dry your tears, 39ers, and celebrate National 8-Track Tape Day this month. Do you still have any? Some of us 39ers tipping the top of the scale, collected 8-track tapes like the young’uns do/did CDs and Mp3 compilations. If you’re feeling nostalgic, but long ago tossed your tapes and player, they’re still available on eBay. Go forth and Rock Out!

September 17-20th
: 32nd Annual Hummerbird Celebration 
Not old enough to break out the ol’ 8-tracks? Spend some time with flora and fauna. Most especially the adorable but surprisingly competitive little winged creatures featured in this month's Hummingbird Celebration!
The folks in Rockport-Fulton area of Texas have celebrated the tiny flutterers since 1988; and no dumb ol’ pandemic is going to stop them—they’ve gone virtual!  
            If you have anywhere to hang anything outside one of your windows, and haven’t hung a hummingbird feeder yet, boy are you missing out. Just watching nature in action is calming, which fosters youthfulness and keeps you young!
But beware! Their flighty antics may be fun and humorous for us, however, hummers are amazingly like humans … or we’re like them, take your pick … they are very combative and territorial. Dive-bombing each other to hog the feeder is normal, yet for us, oddly comforting; we’re not the only warring species.
Watching them in the backyard is one of my favorite pastimes. Maybe it’ll become yours!

September 18th
: Read an Ebook Day!
Like we needed a reminder … eBook sales have soared during the pandemic. If you already have a tablet, it’s a cheap—even free—way to enjoy the world outside in fiction and nonfiction.

      Do you LOVE Old Time Rock & Roll? Combine your musical and reading enjoyment at the same time! Please allow me a moment of self-indulgence (I love sales) and self-promotion to help you celebrate this day ….
For Read an eBook Dayone day only, Friday September 18th—I have drastically reduced the prices of my digital books on Amazon! Six days of fun discounts and sales. DETAILS.
BFYP's Rock & Roll Radio DJs series special starts with The Swinging Sixties discounts Sunday, Sept. 13th and ends with The First Five Years 1954-1959 FREE for a day on Read an eBook Day (Friday, Sept. 18th at midnight). The books are fun, funny and teeming with not-so-different signs of the times told by pioneering Rock Radio DJs, framed in your tinny transistor radio.
Take a break. Grab a book (in paperback too, if you prefer) and enjoy Read an eBook Day! Details.

For 39ers who Follow the Stars
Hey September 39ers! It’s your birthday month. That’s no reason to despair … you know that age is just a number. And for Virgo 39ers (08/23-09/22), this month is all about the numbers—finances are on your side. Take a number and multiply it!
      Those judicial Librans (09/23-10/22) on the other hand, follow a quiet early part of the month getting ready to par-tay with an eye toward change and fun. Give it all you’ve got, Libra!
      So, birthday 39ers, feeling a bit of stress or pain? The blue sapphire is September’s birthstone and may be able to help alleviate symptoms, while you work on the root cause. Wear it and enjoy it!

Aging with
ATT-i-tude Platitude  
Think young and you will BE young.
~ L. Rochelle

Don’t wait, start now! Cheers to your
Happy UN-Birthday SEPTEMBER 39ers
This one’s for you, kids – Bob, Karen, Jennifer, Thomas, Scott, and Verne!

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Are you a 39er this month? Feel free to share your UN-birthday comments below (click on Comments or if it says No Comments, click that to be the first) and tell us how you really feel about your age and aging. Keep the stories coming!

LinDee Rochelle
is a writer and editor by trade, and author by way of Rock & Roll. She has published two books (of three) in her Blast from Your Past series, available on Amazon (eBook and print): Book 1Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years 1954-1959; and Book 2Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties. Coming soon … The Psychedelic Seventies!