39 & Holding DAY™ MAR 22nd

The 39 and Holding Club
is proud to announce and sponsor an official 39 and Holding Day! Add this date to your calendar: March 22nd. (Same date every year.) 

Trust me, it was difficult to decide on just one day of the calendar. After all, people turn 39 every day of every year! However …

39 and Holding Day is officially MARCH 22nd (regardless of what day of the week it falls on)! Why? Well ... 

March 22nd is a great way to begin Spring, which generally falls a day or two before. As a line in our favorite song, “You Make Me Feel So Young,” proclaims, You make me feel so spring has sprung ...  

I scanned calendars for the perfect day, at first, gravitating toward February 14th, because it’s Jack Benny’s birthday. If you’ve roamed our site at all, you know the funnyman is credited with first eschewing turning 40 because, “There is nothing funny about 40. I am ‘39 and holding’!” Additionally, there is a long list of other celebrations for this day.

Rather than be lumped in with so many observances on February 14th, not the least of which is Valentine’s Day, I thought March 22nd would be more indicative of our independent style. 

Life is busy. And sometimes as we grow older, we “forget” to stay young in mind and heart. The 39 and Holding Club website has been around for nearly fifteen years, reminded those "of a certain age" that life isn't over at 40! We believe no one should ever feel “old.” Wiser and perhaps mellower, but still full of wit and wonder. March 22nd marks a collective day to applaud our young at heart ATT-i-tude!

Although you can peruse a unique monthly blog full of fun and facts with other "special day" calendar features for more reasons to celebrate, until now, we haven’t had our own day to party as a whole, irrespective of individual viewers’ 39 & Holding birthdays.

March 22nd’s 39 and Holding Day was established so we can celebrate our youthful attitudes together, whether just turning (40—gasp!) or enjoying yet another 39 and Holding year. And there is another fun reason for this date ...

See our original proclamation in the March 2022 issue of the 39 and Holding Club blog. In addition to our favorite song, we love the classic movie As Young As You Feel (a 1951 throwback that features "bit player" and youthful starlet, Marilyn Monroe), along with a calendar listing of the same name, that gave us the idea for this date! The listing doesn't have an official link, so we adopted it!

Ah, I had such grand plans for a truly splashy celebration this year. The Universe, however, saw my life in a different lens and even the blog suffered without postings from November 2022 until the March 2023 finally posted.

So all I can do is wish you well today as we celebrate THIS DAY, March 22nd, with all 39ers. No birthdays involved (well, except those actually born on this day 1984 or later!). 

But watch this page, over the next year and hopefully 2024 will see a 39AHC Events page, and our Twitter account @39HoldingClub, with periodic updates. At the very least, we’ll be partying on Twitter (and Facebook—I’m back there, minimally, though I’d been boycotting them for a couple of years). If the Universe allows life to go according to my plan, we’ll manage a way to gather personally for the 2024 celebration in San Diego.

TBD are the exact circumstances and nature of this fun day, and hopefully a local party—San Diego, California/USA — for anyone wishing to join us. But don’t wait another whole year! This year, get together and hold your own 39 and Holding Day, virtually, or in your local neighborhood, and celebrate YOU!

I know it’s just another excuse to have fun ... that’s the whole idea! Youth is a state of mind. And what’s more youthful than having fun?!

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments …



March 2023



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