Wednesday, May 1, 2024

39ers Aging with ATTitude MAY 2024

 Bridges of Sighs & Flowers of May 

A full-fledged scion of Spring, May should bring joy and warm your winter heart with visions of flowers in bloom. If only I could enjoy it …

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you know I’ve struggled immensely to write, while following a mandatory mandate set by apartment building owners to vacate the premises for a ten-day period, floor-by-floor, while they renovate inside and out.

Vacate doesn’t mean just me and a suitcase for a fun staycation returning to a beautiful “new” home. It meant we had to pack, move and allow them to store everything we own. This is a senior citizen apartment building. From 60 years to 100 … stating they would give us “everything we need” to make it happen. They lied. And they didn’t make us aware of the personal ramifications.

The building owners have stolen time from my life, disrupted my goals, and deteriorated my health. Admittedly, until last year I had never lived in a high-rise apartment and am new to the ins-and-outs of its owner/property management/tenant constructs and skewed legalities. As happens many times in life, I wish I had it to do over again.

I am now going to appeal to you through the social media communities. By common definition, this is a borderline form of #ElderAbuse. If anyone reading this has ever experienced, or known/heard of this type of mass move-out of senior citizens from their homes for “renovations,” please contact me via X/Twitter: @Irishwriter or @39HoldingClub, either by DM or publicly. eMail is also available at Info @ (without spaces)

So, enough about me! Of course, I wanted to post a fun 39er article for you today. Unfortunately, it’s going to be piecemeal again, and over a period of time. Please return for the beginning, hopefully tomorrow (Thursday 05/02/24) and periodically, for updates. In the meantime, remember, you may be 40+, 50+, or 60+, but no matter what happens, “Never give up! As soon as you do, the other guy wins.” Coming soon …  

May 7th: It may not carry the punch of April’s stellar New Moon and Eclipse, but May’s New Moon Musings will still provide a dynamic opportunity to reassess and start anew. 

May 23rd: No surprise—this month we’ll be wishing on a Full Flower Moon! 

And of course, we won’t forget to follow the stars to Taurus & Gemini 39ers

Oh so much more, coming soon to a flower stand near you!

Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ MAY 2024 ~ Rock On! 


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