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39ers Aging with ATTitude Platitudes October 2023

 39ers Thinkin’ Young in the Midnight Hour! 

֎ BOO! You probably weren’t expecting me, since 39AHC is so late again this month. What can I say? I’m a busy writer and retirement is a joke. Beyond that, I’m still thinking young and super-ready to give you a fun, spooky month of 39er chit-chat! Grab your yummiest spicy libation and pull back the shroud to see what’s in the cauldron for you … if you dare …

֎ Celebrating OCTOBER 39ers ~ And More!  
I have a lot more in mind for you than Halloween and Friday the 13th! They may get most of the focus, but we’re also celebrating the quiet justice of Librans and the intense scrutiny of Scorpios. Let’s tiptoe through the dark and murky month to pull back the veil on October’s thinking young fun, like …

Bat Appreciation Month – Sadly, no official link, but seriously, how could we pass this up? Lol October and bats go together, what with Halloween an’ all. If you think bats just hang around looking creepy—well, they do—but there is much more to their reason for being. Believe it or not, Bat Week claims “Humans need bats."
       Not only are they likely near you, no matter where you live around the world (except extreme hot or cold areas), but they actually help us out. “A single bat can eat up to its body weight in insects each night. Eating all these insects helps protect our food crops and forests from insect pests, saving farmers and forest managers billions of dollars each year.” Cool. And calm down, only three species of about 1,400,
feed on animal blood—are they near you?

For something fun for October that isn’t Halloween related, get your yee-haw on—it’s Country Music Month! The official link tells you how and when it came about—hint: October 28, 2014, a tricky president had his boot-scootin’ side—but I also found a how to celebrate link for you.

If you live in San Diego or cruising over for a vacay, the Del Mar Fairgrounds is going Halloween with a daily Pumpkin Station and for the not-faint-of-heart, their infamous Scream Zone comes alive weekends-plus—both through October 31st.
            If you live for pumpkin fun, the
Pumpkin Station is “A variety of pumpkins and gourds, plus kiddie rides, giant slides, inflatable play centers, a petting zoo and more!”
            And when you get your fill of
pumpkin, get your adrenaline goin’ in The Scream Zones’ “Three bone-chilling haunts — the Haunted Hayride, Stars of the Silver Scream, and Labyrinth Manor — plus a mind-bending Midway make up this terrifying compound of doom.” Oooooo scary! 

Friday ~ October 13th: Ooooooohhh, we’re going into Halloween in style! Today is Friday the 13th & tomorrow gives us a New Moon! While it isn’t on a Full Moon (which would make it super-spooky), it’s still close enough to the New Moon’s pull on your psyche to scramble your murky mind … and, there won’t be another October Friday the 13th until 2028! See this month’s New Moon Musings below while you to prep for Halloween and tiptoe through this unnerving day. Is it about “silly” superstitions, violent history, or is it really “good luck”? You decide.

October 14th: Celebrate October’s New Beginnings with New Moon Musings! Coincidentally, to give it a little extra punch, a wide swath of the Western U.S. will see an impressive solar eclipse today, too! The New Moon boosts your creativeness to find a fresh start every month, but did Friday the 13th throw you off-kilter? No worries. Meditate on the New Moon (a little sage might soothe your scattered soul) and plan your Holidays with a keen eye and proper perspective.

October 20th-22nd: If ghosts and goblins aren’t your style, perhaps a plethora of gems and jewelry is! October is Gem Faire time at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (San Diego), or click the link for a great list of gem fairs around the country: there’s likely one near you, too. SoCal’s event boasts you’ll, “Discover high-quality jewelry, precious and semi-precious gemstones, beads, sparkling crystals, gold and silver, tools, supplies and more.” Oooooo, shiny!

October 28th: Time for some cozy Full Moon Magic! October’s Full Hunter’s Moon at month’s-end is perfect for winding up your myriad projects before heading into the busy Holiday Season. The Full Hunter’s Moon encourages you to prepare for the upcoming cold winter—though perhaps not like our ancestors, who used the month for hunting and storing their game for Winter. Although every Full Moon’s power can be absorbed for immense inner strength, this Moon may lean toward your spiritual side. Its mighty influence to conjure ghosts, goblins and werewolves should still be strong on Halloween … boo!

October 31st: For a well-rounded day of mystique, enjoy National Magic Day*—established in honor of Harry Houdini (1874-1926)! Most 39ers know who he was, if only by infamous references—but then again, “39ers” are getting younger every day. Let’s just say, every prestidigitator aspires to be like him. (Or at least mimic his fame and fortune.) And why is he honored on Halloween? After nine years as president of the *Society for American Magicians/SAM), Mr. Houdini succumbed in a rather odd way, on Halloween day, 1926, at the height of his success. His death was caused either by manslaughter or a health issue—or both. You decide. Abracadabra! Time to make Halloween magic appear …

October 31st: How many times have you heard "Monster Mash" today?! Halloween / All Hallows Eve / Samhain (Irish, SOW-in)! Click on any of the three links to peruse various histories of this enigmatic holiday, that since you were a toddler, has you begging for candy so you can gobble through the night to satisfy your sweet tooth! If you’re a true 39er, you’re still “dressing up”—or down or sideways—for Halloween. Over the years, what has been your favorite costume! Mine was as an Oreo cookie with a bite out. Yep, I made it myself and won a party contest with it. (And we had great fun making jokes about the filling! Oh, so many years ago …)

֎ Monthly Song of Note  
What do you think of when you hear“
In the Midnight Hour”? The phrase invokes everything from witchcraft and ghosts to the living dead, but the song summons  looooove. Yup, it’s a love song. Maybe it’s just me with Irish heritage and a psychic mother, but the midnight hour, especially in October, has always been a little spooky, if not downright creepy. However, it’s practically in the realm of a one-hit-wonder with Cross Country’s crooning in a ballad version.
You're the only girl I know | That really loves me so | In the midnight | In the midnight hour On its way up the vintage music charts, “In the Midnight Hour” rests at #21 for WFIL/Philadelphia fans October 1973 ... find more tuneful tidbits to manifest your memories and keep the Rock Rockin’ from 50 Years Ago this Month.   

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars   
Gather your wits about you, 39er Librans (09/23-10/22) and Scorpios (10/23-11/21). This is going to be an exciting month. Be ready for whatever comes!
       We begin with the end of Libra’s pass through the heavens in a fiery show, unusual for placid Libra folks. The annual solar eclipse on October 14th will create a spectacular obvugate* of verve that you can engage to redirect your life in all phases—seriously—an opportunity not to miss. (Especially for those directly in its path—most of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Texas.) Make sure you keep an eye on your finances. Even if you live outside the “ring of fire,” you will feel its energy. Use it!

The second half of October sees Scorpio 39ers with just as much enthusiasm, but it’s an inner-driven energy, inspired by Mars dancing into your sign, a couple of days before the solar eclipse. Emotions may run rampant at this time, causing life adjustments—be aware—but you’ll be powerless to stop it. Your portal of change may also come from the combination of a Full Moon near Halloween—let your inner spiritual side emerge. Whatever inspires you to change your life up, do it.  

Are you gift-buying for your Libra or Scorpio 39er mate, friend, or family member? Don’t make it cheap or impersonal. Both signs know when you’re trying too hard. From the heart is best; seek quality gifts with thought in selection. Librans soften with light pink or pale blue gemstones or other gifts in color. Scorpios gravitate toward black, deep maroon, or in gemstones, those of intense golden topaz.

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude 
Holidays are a great time to tap into your inner child, 39ers. Especially Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Clap your hands and enjoy! ~ L. Rochelle 

Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ OCTOBER 2023 Boo!
       This one’s for you, kids – Ron, Darlene, Cheryl, Kim, Tammy, Lin and Terry!  

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*I created this word in August for my Penchant for Penning blog. Perfect for this month's spiritual vibes!


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