Privacy & Such

Give Me the Facts, Ma’am, Just the Facts*

As the intro says, there is no legal jargon or mumbo-jumbo here … just the facts from a layperson’s perspective, but seriously, no less legal.

Because our lives are never without product recognition … advertising … this is to advise you that I have NO COMPENSATED outside advertising on any of my websites: (PFP), (BFYP), and (39AHC), except for my own products and services. I.e., Blast from Your Past books and BFYP / 39 and Holding CafĂ© Press products. After all, they’re mine to sell.
Specifically, I don’t sell space to anyone and do not take compensation from anyone to insert their links/advertising in my writings.
     That means … since I do not accept outside advertising, I do not receive compensation of any kind for ANY named products or services in my articles. They get free advertising because I either have something to say about them that you may find interesting, their site references my topic of interest, or (in my humble opinion) I have found merit in their product(s) or service(s). You’re welcome. However, if you click on said links, it is your choice, and I am not responsible for your, or any site’s decisions and/or actions.
     Which also means, if you communicate with me, I do not sell or otherwise pass on your information to any agency, company, or individual, unless requested in lawful, written, legal action. There is no reason to, and I value your privacy as much as my own (which is a LOT).
     This site does not follow you around the 'Net, although it is on a blog platform owned by Google (isn’t everything?)—which suggests there are “Big Brother” eyeballs around every cyber corner. Sound paranoid? I’ve read the “real news” on it, and I don't know about you, but I use only
private browsing mode (which apparently works as well as the proverbial “hill of beans”), and if a site won't allow access without turning off ad blockers, I simply move on and will not use its link in my pages.
     And lastly, if you contact me, I wouldn't know who to sell your contact info to even if it was a thought, and I truthfully don't have time to care. With everything cyber-security, however, use at your own discretion and risk. Holiday calendar info and links (found often in my writings) are accessed and thoroughly enjoyed at Go there. Have fun!
     Questions? Feel free to contact me by email:, or by phone: 858 – 292 – 5288 (remove spaces, of course; US Pacific Time).

Be Safe, Be Free,



*Intro Reference: 1951 TV show, Dragnet; line made famous by creator/actor, Jack Webb, “Sgt. Joe Friday.”)