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39ers Aging with ATTitude Platitude September 2022

No Exception to the Rule of the Fool 

It's finally finished ... and today is only September 8th! I know, "only" is not the word for it. But I hope you'll enjoy it now, all the way to the end. Cheers!

Can you believe it 39ers?! We’re heading into Fall ... What will you always remember about this September, m'dear 39ers? For Californians and many around the world, that's easy--every fool knows, it's the heat!

Not many parts of the globe have escaped this summer’s brutality. Sometimes you just need to count your blessings ... if you don’t live in a place that records 100-degree summers as the norm, anyway ... it hasn’t (and likely won’t) match California’s September 26, 1963’s high of 111! Want to know what the highest (or lowest) recorded temperature in your area was over past century or so? Go here ...   

Rather than hot days, let’s focus on cool fun and frolic with 39 and Holding Club

֎ Celebrating SEPTEMBER 39ers ~ And More!   
From here on out, we’re “falling” headfirst into the Holidays. Sorry. Couldn’t help m’self. Seriously, we have a lot to cover this month, and I for one, would like to slow everything down a bit. Please join me!

Grab a snack and libation, get comfy, and savor our September musings! From wise words about fools Aging with ATT-i-tude, to our Monthly Song of Note
, we’re enjoying one minute at a time, before the frenzy of “The Holidays” ...

Do you know, it’s Be Kind to Editors & Writers Month? Sadly, it’s on the calendar, but there is no link to the originator of this designation, and I nearly brushed by it, myself, though “I ‘R’ both”—writer and editor.
    Does this happen to you? Yet another recent day with my loving family highlighted their lack of respect for my chosen profession. I’m finding that only another creative truly admires the process of creating.

So I tip my hat to ALL Editors and Writers this month and every day. Enjoy your world, no matter what you’re creating or how successful it is. If it brings you joy, LOVE IT!

September is Classical Music Month! We’re mostly about Oldies Rock & Roll here, but I like to celebrate other forms of music, for R&R is truly a melting pot of them all. The official link takes you to a PDF of the honoring government statute, so it’s here if you’re curious.
In the meantime, enjoy some early Rock & Roll Oldies that are inspired by or infused with Classical Music: “It’s Now or Never” by Elvis (1960); 1967’s “Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum, and the 1973 classic, “Could It Be Magic” by Barry Manilow. Just to name a short list. Get out your ol’ turntable or find it streaming, and enjoy!

Here, kitty, kitty ... it’s National Save a Tiger Month! While I may joke, it’s a sad truth that the world population of the largest, most majestic breed of cats is in danger of extinction. The World Wildlife Foundation explains the problem succinctly and offers suggestions for how anyone can help save them. And Big Cat Rescue provides current news on efforts to save and treat tigers around the world, while showing you the inner sanctum of a big cat sanctuary. Learn, and do what you can, even if that is only spreading the word.

Well, it’s so freakin’ hot, let’s savor the cool breezes of World Beach Month! Apparently, there is a World Beach Month site and organization, but it wasn’t linked on the calendar where I snagged this info. No matter ... here it is! As their site says, “September is the month to learn, protect, celebrate, and enjoy the world’s beaches.” 

Unfortunately, as with many special holiday sites, there is nothing current, with the most recent info from 2020. The good news (and re: pollution, bad news), is info about our beaches never goes out of date. While this site was organized by folks in Florida, which focuses on pollution and such, in California, we’re in danger of losing our beach access as well, and paying an arm-and-a-leg just to get to it. As a native Californian, proverbially paying through the nose already for every tax imaginable, I have always said that our coastlines should have FREE public access at every point. So their suggestion we “... enjoy the world’s beaches” may not apply here.
An NPR article at KQED said in 2018, “California legislators passed the California Coastal Act in 1976 as a way to protect the state's famed shoreline and to enshrine beach access for all.* But that landmark law has spawned a nearly five-decade-long tug-of-war between the state and private property owners.” Nothing much has changed. (*My italics.)

So let’s light a candle for our beaches and hope we can retain access, as we celebrate World Candle Month. If nothing else, their 2022 theme, “Lighten the mood,” is certainly appropriate! My favorite Fall scent? Warm Apple Pie ... mmmmm.

September 8th: Quick! What’s the last letter of the alphabet?! ... Clock’s ticking! Ehhhhhhh ... buzzed out! Noooooo it is not the “Z.” And if you were in grade school around 1837, you’ll recall [😊], kids in that era recited the alphabet differently than we do.
According to
Wiki: “... recitation of the alphabet would end in ‘X, Y, Z, and per se and.’ This last phrase was routinely slurred to "ampersand" & the term had entered common English usage by 1837.” Yes, it was the Ampersand! September 8th is World Ampersand Day, established by Chaz DeSimone, founder of AmperArt. Trust me, you’ll never look at the squiggly keyboard key the same way again!
has made Ampersands a fun priority in his advertising & graphic design career for decades! At his adorably fun site, you’ll even find beautiful ways to frame & display your Ampersand Art. He suggests sending a howdy to your friends whose names include “and”: &y (Andy), &rea (Andrea), Alex&er (Alexander), even Gr&ma (Grandma)! We’re just havin’ too much fun this month, readers & 39ers!

September 10th: Of course this month’s Full Moon Magic comes from a Harvest Moon! Although it often shares its moniker with the October moon, as with all moons there are other names that have different meanings for different people. What comes to mind when you call it Autumn Moon, or Child Moon, for instance? My favorite name for September’s moon, however, is Mating Moon ... especially when I hear the slow calls of the coyotes in the canyon. What?! What did you think I meant? LOL

September 18th-24th: This week is National Indoor Plant Week, so let’s take a breather from the fun and mellow out with our therapeutic plants. If you don’t have any indoor plants, do you know why you should bother? As the site says, “The oxygen doesn’t arrive until the plants do!” (Unfortunately, they seemed to have abandoned their site in 2020—no new info, but we’ll take care of you!)
For a breath of fresh air, purchase and pamper these attractive plants: Philodendrons, English Ivy, Peace Lily, Bromeliads, and the hardy Rubber plants, to name a few growable lovelies.
Although my fave plant isn’t particularly cleansing, the Dracaena sanderiana or “Lucky Bamboo” is considered good luck by many cultures. I have cultivated mine since its babyhood in 2016 at approximately 4” tall in a 2” pot, to its current 5-1/2 feet tall, in a 10” pot!
Says one site, “With its sculptural appearance that can be trained to grow in attractive shapes, lucky bamboo is often used in feng shui and is thought to bring prosperity and joy.” Since I’ve had it, it’s brought joy, yes ... prosperity, not so much. They’ve been some of the worst six years of my life. I just love it for what it is ... beautiful. 

September 17th: I would feel the chill of my dear mother’s ghost if I didn’t include National Dance Day! Yep, that’s me, many moons ago. No, I didn’t make dance my career. But my dance instructor mother saw to it that this geeky girl learned nearly every type of dance under the pop and cultural sun of the day. I even learned how to Hula and dances of the early settler pilgrims. She was a gem among dancing gems. What are you doing just sitting there?! Get up and DANCE!

September 25th: What are your September New Moon Musings? Do you have a telescope to scope out the monthly “dark side” of the moon? No matter how dark you feel three days after the Fall Equinox, the New Moon is ready to send you into a New Beginning. No need to justify (September’s scales do that for you), just use your negotiating skills and remember life is a team effort. In this month’s opposition to the full moon, it’s time to consider your options for what comes next ... it’s all up to you.

September 25th: Coffee lovers and 39ers unite! Wake up and smell National Coffee Day. So, I think coffee is good for us again. At least, in moderation, like all things internationally loved ... chocolate, eggs, and bread (just not white). In recent years I’ve been dedicated to flavored coffees—sipped black and home brewed—no Starbucks sugary, massive caffeine concoctions, thank you. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but occasionally, I slip in a little Irish Crème. A yummy Sunday morning treat. 😊

֎ Monthly Song of Note ♪ 
A talented trio of R&B/Pop artists and a great song,
The Main Ingredient’s “Everybody Plays the Fool,” was destined for great popularity, but nearly makes the One-Hit Wonder grade. September 1972, it just grabbed the bottom of KERN/Bakersfield, California’s, chart at #30; and already up to #16 at WFIL/Philadelphia, straddling our 2-fer Featured Radio Survey on the BFYP site.
       They were surely destined for more, but “Fool” came shortly after one of their main ingredients died from leukemia early in their success, and they never quite got their mojo back ...
Well, before you do anything rash | Dig this! ... ... more tuneful tidbits to manifest your memories of 1972, 50 Years Ago this Month!   

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars 

Like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, when it comes to September weather, “... you never know what you’re gonna get.” Virgo (08/23-09/22) and Libra (09/23-10/22) 39ers are also a mixed bag of emotions and actions this month.
Through to the middle of the month with Virgo, your confidence is stunning, but over-confidence can lead to trouble. Know your worth, but mix it with a little humility. This can affect both personal and professional aspects of your life all month. However, take heart, things will even out toward the end of the month.
Libra, m’dears, don’t be surprised if chaos reigns in the early days of September. Mind your manners and your mind ... before you speak. Like with Virgo, by the New Moon, you’ll know better which way to turn, what to say, and most importantly, how to say it.

As a friend of Virgo and Librans, the best you can do 39ers, is offer a nonjudgmental ear and a hug, while you help them plan their Un-birthday parties. Gift hint: September’s beautiful blue sapphire is always a great choice to soothe the soul.

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude 
What is the 39er “Rule of the Fool”? When you Age with ATT-i-tude you aren’t one!
~ L. Rochelle 

Cheers to your Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ SEPTEMBER 2022! 
This one’s for you, kids – Bob, Jennifer, Karen, Thomas, Chad Scott, and Verne!

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