Sunday, December 14, 2014

December - Celebrity Birthdays with Holiday Spirit!

Oh my, I’m so naughty – December UN-birthday fun is very late – please don’t send me a lump of coal!  

My procrastination however, does not mean that December 39ers are any less important – in fact, they may be the most important of the year!

December not only holds spiritual meaning for many of us, but signifies ending and renewal as a society, as well. So let’s get into it!  

December – Celebrity Birthdays with Holiday Spirit!
Just like a riff from Billy Gibbons’ Rockin’ guitar, Scorpio fades intensely into Sagittarius … crashing with an explosive crescendo that marks an exciting, definitive year-end, and leads into the promising New Year's beginning, with Capricorn.

Sagittarius is an esteemed elder member of the 88 modern constellations. It’s one of the 48 twinkly patterns listed by Ptolemy, 2nd century Greco-Egyptian writer, astronomer, mathematician, geographer, and astrologer. Whew! How do you pack all of that into one life?! Ah yes, it was before the Internet …