Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy UN-Birthday to May Flowers & Mums

Birthdays are important here at 39AHC. Is May YOUR birth month?

 Happy UN-Birthday!

Oh, of course, you're NOT a year older -- THAT isn't happening! No we UN-do birthdays here. However, birthdays are vital reminders to pamper ourselves and have fun, at least ONE day out of the year. OK, well, I tend to party the whole month away, but maybe that's just me. So here is some fun for this month's UN-birthday 39ers ...

May Flowers & Mums
In case your head is stuck in the pre-summer sand, this Sunday (May 11) is Mother's Day ...

Go that extra mile to celebrate your 39er Mom or Mum for Mother’s Day! Send flowers – but not just ANY flowers – make it special and send her the one that corresponds with her birth month.

Mine happens to be the Chrysanthemum (are you paying attention, sons?) which symbolizes cheerfulness, friendship and abundance, according to Wikipedia. Additional info links: SeriouslyFlowers, TheOld Farmer’s Almanac.

What’s YOUR mother’s birth flower? (P.S.: Just to confuse you, some months have more than one flower.) Here's what you need to know ...