Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy UN-Birthday 39ers January 2022

New Year ... New Beginning ... New ATT-i-tude! 

Surprise! 39 and Holding Club is starting the New Year almost on time! (Ok, well at least, earlier than usual!) Optimism, determination and ATT-i-tude are driving forces for 2022. Let there be light in a world that has suffered so much darkness in the past two years.

I hope you will join me in celebrating not just a New Year, but a new beginning—in thought, deed, and ATT-i-tude!

By the way, why do you suppose we are so enamored of New Year’s Day, when in reality, it’s just another day on the calendar and in a life? Power of the mind ... it represents a clean mental slate, don’t you think? An annual “attitude adjustment.” We know all about these at 39 and Holding Club, and recommend you use them frequently for sanity and motivation. A few fun things to inspire you  ...

֎ Celebrating JANUARY 2022 39ers ~ And More!    
Are you a rising star? This is your month! Though there isn’t an official site for Worldwide Rising Star Month, I think we’re all rising stars in our own way ... embrace it, celebrate it, flaunt it at any age! Like, are you a rising star in the kitchen? Do you yearn to be?
Do it! Start with something easy, like ...

National Soup Month – Yes, it’s sponsored by a commercial giant in the soup business, but they do offer up some simple, yummy recipes for winter’s favorite comfort food that will get you cookin’ for 2022. I don’t know about you, but for generations, many meals in my family, like green bean casserole to beef and mushroom lasagna, have started with a can of soup. Or create your own soup! Start with some easy recipes and make them your own. After all that fun in the kitchen, it’s time to pamper yourself ...

January 8th: Treat yourself to a fun, soothing ... Bubble Bath Day! Aptly sponsored by Mr. Bubble (which has been around practically forever!—well, 1961 anyway), the current parent company has the right charitable idea, but doesn’t apparently expect the Internet to play much of a part. If you shop, they donate—to the Ronald McDonald House—Upper Midwest (Minneapolis MN area). But only through January 8th.  So not only does it not reach nationwide charities, its time constraint for anyone searching for January observances is limited to a week. (Providing it’s discovered soon enough to promote.)
So, if you like in the area, feel free to contribute to a worthwhile cause; and while I’m sure they take “out-of-towners” dollars, too, know that it won’t benefit your geographical area. While you think about that—how about a bubble bath? Soak your troubles away ... Ahhhhhhhhh.

January 24th: Being the peanut butter junkie I am, I couldn’t pass up this day! National Peanut Butter Day has a great link associated with it—too bad it doesn’t say anything about what makes it special on this particular day. That’s okay—I stumbled around their site and found a page for “5 Unconventional Ways to use Peanut Butter.” So what, you ask? Well, they include two of my favorite things ... soup and cocktails. Yep—peanut butter in both! Let’s try a Peanut Butter Cocktail while we try to figure out what a Picasso painting is supposed to be ...

January 31st: You would think, surely, there is someone claiming the credit for creating Inspire Your Heart with Art Day ... um, nope. Not that I could find; only the occasional mention by an art enthusiast who takes it to heart. Like the Baytown, Texas, Painting with a Twist people who created an evening for experienced painters, to celebrate the event. But you don’t need to be an artist (of any kind) to appreciate art. It’s a gift—for those who can conceive it, and for those who admire it. Enjoy!

Monthly Song of Note: This month, just for 39AHC we’re featuring a whole album! Only one song actually made a hit and not on this month’s radio survey ... with a chart called “Flower City Hits” it’s just natural to adorn it with flowing lines in a ‘70s psychedelic design. WBBF/Rochester, New York, treated their fans with fun artwork to bring them their music chart for week ending January 5, 1972. The back features “This Week’s Hottest Album” – Carole King: Music. “Sweet Seasons” hit the charts, just not this one … Where were you that groovy day when your radio played …   

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars
Apparently, this New Year brings with it an active planetary picture that spells more changes for all of us, including the staid Capricorn (12/22/18-01/19/19) and quirky Aquarius (01/20-02/18). Your best bet isn’t to fight it but join it in making your life better.

       Although Capricorns can be a tad rigid when focused on business, which serves you well during change, it can be personally counterproductive. If you are one, use your logic to identify where to loosen up a bit to weather change with needed flexibility. You will find yourself stronger, as you emerge from cloudy days into sunshine.
Airy Aquarians on the other hand, instigate their own changes, not waiting for the Universe to provide them. With a little more vision than the rest of us, you are masters at meeting changes head-on to stay a step ahead of the curve. Never without ideas makes you popular in a crowd, but for all your people skills, Aquarius folks can be a little distant and at times lack the personal warmth a mate would prefer. You know, however, nothing wonderful comes without effort; give it the same attention as your ideas and you’ll find a way to share your life.

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude 
The mind is a powerful anti-aging ally. Nurture it well ... chocolate works!
~ L. Rochelle

Cheers to your Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ & Happy New Year JANUARY 2022! 
       This one’s for you, kids – Reneé, Erin, Chris, Jodie, and Joe!

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Intro-blurb posted January 1, 2022

Happy UN-birthday January 39ers! I was SO close. Almost finished 39 and Holding Club’s January 2022 article to post today. Um, “almost” being the key word. Please be a tad more patient. What am I saying ... you’ve had to be ridiculously patient for at least the past year, as everything else in my life has taken precedence over this article, month after month.
I’m seriously trying to correct that malady (at least it isn’t Covid!), and my plan is to post it some time tomorrow (January 2nd ... so close!). We’ll show you some New Year fun from Worldwide Rising Star Month to peeks into Capricorn and Aquarius insights. Keep the faith and c’mon back!

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