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39ers Aging with ATTitude February 2024

Ready to do the Hoochie Koochie?  

Finally, right?! Happy UN-Birthday February 39ers! ♪ … And many more … If you’re a regular reader of this humble site, you know its monthly article is often not posted until sometime in the first week or so. It is a beleaguered product of life’s travels and travesties. All I can do is try. While it’s fairly complete, a few more images would be nice. In the meantime, enjoy …

֎ Celebrating FEBRUARY 39ers ~ And More!   
The month is full of fun for 39ers of any age to enjoy more than frothy cake and frozen creamery. Get your dancin’ shoes on and see what strikes your fancy …

It’s a New Year all over the world, and though we here, began it on January 1st, if you’re a following of the Lunar New Year, you know it starts on February 10th. And so begins, The Year of the Wood Dragon. It’s an auspicious year, as the mighty dragon is believed to foster growth, progress, and abundance … um, how does a “wood” dragon do that? With fortitude!

The Wood Dragon hasn’t been seen since 1964, making it especially dynamic. According to one account, “The Wood element will have a powerful influence on ALL zodiac signs. Wood is the element of Yang. It is the energy of spring, of reaching toward the light while deepening roots into the soil.” Although the celebrations end at the Full Moon (February 24th), the Year of the Wood Dragon guides us through the year, ending on January 28, 2025, when it gives way to the incoming Snake.

So, 39ers, looking for something else to celebrate during your birthday month? Wouldn’t it be fun to create a dragon commemorative keepsake for yourself? It’s also National Embroidery Month. Although the sponsoring link hasn’t updated since 2018, I found a current option. And, it’s National Haiku Writing Month! Pick your creative poison and enjoy! 

February 7th-14th: Of course, it’s National Marriage Week! It’s so popular, the week has two appropriate sponsors For Your Marriage and National Marriage Week USA. It makes me especially happy, with our own family nuptials celebrating during the week. Cheers to all and may the love, luck, and good fortune of the Wood Dragon be yours always.

February 9th: February’s special Lunar New Year basks in the glow for heightened New Moon Musings. It’s a great time to meditate, even if you only have ten minutes to breathe deep and refresh, you’ll feel the difference. I strongly recommend, however, that you make time to celebrate this auspicious New Beginning of strength and growth into the month and the year. 

February 11th: Is something new noodling your little pea brain? Let it grow! It’s National Inventors’ Day. Although the sponsoring link is from WIKI, it’s still fun to read how former President Ronald Reagan issued the proclamation in 1983 to " upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities." You’ll also be celebrating the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931). Can you name his first of 1,000 patents? So appropriate for this month: an electric vote recorder.

February 13th: Party on 39ers! Mardi Gras starts today! You don’t have to be in New Orleans to party hearty … 

February 14th
: of course, it’s Valentine’s Day … Be good to your sweetheart.

February 24th: Ready for some Full Moon Magic? This month’s Full Moon is especially charmed for our

February Aquarius and Pisces birthday 39ers. It helps tie up their loose ends for the month. The Full Moon also marks the end of celebrations for the Lunar New Year, but of course, the Year of the Wood Dragon continues until February 2025. Take full advantage of this month’s Full Moon and spread the good fortune of your lunar year.

February 29th: Wait … what? I thought I was done! Nope, it’s Leap Year Day! For 39ers waiting another four years just to party ON their birthday, go for it! We talk here, about “staying young” regardless of your age—you are the embodiment of that sentiment!

And if you’re in San Diego, just for fun … 7 days a week you can celebrate your birthday at the Del Mar Fairgrounds playing miniature golf! Don’t forget your military, senior, and group discounts! (Hope you’re better at it than I am …)

֎ Monthly Song of Note  
Due to time constraints, this is gonna be a short one. But no less fun! Put on your dancin’ shoes 39ers and let’s do the hoochie coochie to Rick Derringer’sRock and Roll, Hoochie Koo”! February 1974 it was heading up the chart at #21, adding more love to Johnny Winter’s 1970 tune. Recording it solo without Winter’s band, it was reportedly his only solo hit.
More tuneful tidbits to manifest your memories of 1974, and keep the Rock Rockin’ from 50 Years Ago this Month! Rock and roll, Hoochie Koo | Truck on out and spread the news     

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars  
From the
Lunar New Year zodiac to the Western form of horoscopes, we slide from airy Aquarius (01/20-02/18) into watery Pisces (02/19-03/20). Like the Lunar Wood Dragon, we’re ushering in hopeful, early signs of Spring, officially a month away. 

If you’ve been feeling stagnant, you’re in for a treat this month, Aquarius! The 9th’s New Moon shines on your

need for change. Go after what you want but with empowering verve, not ruthless abandon. Be aware of others’ role in your plans and make changes with confidence. Be it a global endeavor or personal life alteration, you can do it. 

Intuitive and compassionate Pisces 39ers are capable of great emotional connection to others. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from that side of yourself, now is the time to rekindle the “real you.” Use your natural instincts to mingle at parties, outings, and even business events, which may result in surprising personal and professional attachments. Throughout the month, remember to take some periodic alone time to recharge.

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude  
When life gives you a lemon, slice it up and stick it on your glass of vodka lemonade! You’ll survive if you find a way to own it.   ~ L. Rochelle 

Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ FEBRUARY 2024 ~ Happy New Year! 
      This one’s for you, kids – Sharon, Rochelle, and David!  

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