Boomer Legacy

Reasons to create Your Living Legacy

Baby Boomers (generally born 1946 - 1964) grew up in a once-every-hundred-years worldwide explosion of creativity, innovation, and revolution.

It is our duty – and hopefully your pleasure – to leave a written legacy of your youth for your descendants. June 21st (every year on the Summer Solstice) is Baby Boomer's Recognition Day. A great time to begin a new annual tradition.

Start at the beginning ... what was your first remarkable memory?

The official organization urges celebration for what we were and what we have become. But you don't need to send cards or buy gifts – use the month of June each year to record the inspirations, infatuations, and explorations of the previous year of your life.

If you haven't yet begun your "memoirs" – start today. Celebrities aren't the only interesting people. We are each intriguing to our families, friends, and community – tell them your story. 

Not ready to bare all? Then write it down and leave it as a "discovery" for your family – trust me, you won't care when you're in Rock & Roll Heaven!  

Your children and grandchildren ... and their grandchildren ... will love the history and intimacy that will sustain you as a vital member of your clan – whatever culture it may honor – through future decades.

Tips to Writing Your Living Legacy

> Family – add dimension and personality to your family tree
> Tell your remarkable story in a way that descendants can add to and relate to after your last chapter is written
> Write about others in your life (famous or infamous) similar to BFYP / Radio DJs
     * Add treasured memories from your life of the era or topic
> Develop a common thread that ties everyone’s stories together
     * Consider interesting aspects of your career industry
          + Sports
          + Academia
          + Literally, any area
> Start with your own funny, sad, sweet, outrageous stories
     * Begin with just thinking of one year in your life – what memorable events happened?
     * Within that event, what emotions, reactions, results happened?
     * How did those around you react?
> Think back to your childhood and your parents’ stories
     * What funny, sad, sweet, outrageous anecdotes did your parents tell you about their lives?
     * Can you still ask them about it?
          + If not, record what you can recall
          + Remember to include your age at the time
          + Are there relatives or close friends w/knowledge of the people and events?
               * Quote them
> How to publish
     * Whatever format is most comfortable for you: virtual / video, print, digital / audio – I suggest a combination of at least two because …
          + Print; it’s true, I am advocating the archaic, because when computers crash, print documents are still there
          + However, in catastrophic circumstances (fire, flood, etc.), a digital (cloud) file is handy
> To establish a Living Legacy cloud location, subscribe to a multi-person access site like DropBox, or create your own password-private website
> If you plan to create a book for sale to the public, choose a particular person, event, or era that would appeal to a broad audience and focus on those experiences, tying the rest in with anecdotes
     * Perhaps a certain number of years surrounding your youth or someone who influenced you during which a few extraordinary events occurred

Everyone is different in how they want to present themselves in a memoir, and for many, it may be easier to follow feelings; but most readers tend to look for timeline identifiers (hence, FB’s switch to a timeline-based focus).

Follow your feelings and write them in any order you wish; but note the date (at least year) of each memory – when you begin to organize your book for publication (whether for sentiment or sale), you can easily follow a timeline and tie your memories together with era trivia and historical facts.

Cheers to your Living Legacy!

LinDee Rochelle is available to speak to your group, organization or school, about how to begin and maintain Your Living Legacy, for sentiment, for sale, or for others. Contact LinDee @ (remove spaces) or call 858-292-5288. Events can be scheduled live for traveling expenses and small stipend, or via Skype.