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Club 39 (blogsite for 39 and Holding Club)
In 2008 I was partyin' hearty on my birthdayyou don't need to know which onesuffice it to say, I have been "39" for a looonnng time.

Yes, it was yet another "39 and holding" party! On my return home, I was on the phone with my favorite cousin, Ron—who will always be a year older than me :-)—when we hatched the idea for the 39 and Holding Club (aka Club 39).

I bought the domain that night. It still took another few birthdays and many more friends' references to "39 and holding" to spur me into action. Well that, and the fact I turned ... oops! Almost told ya! Let's just say I had a milestone birthday in 2012. So I finally launched the official 39 and Holding Club site. (This is its second incarnation after a major server crash, March 2014.)

Why was that birthday special? Hint:
Paul McCartney said it best ...

The 39 and Holding Club and Club 39 are strictly for fun. Membership is lifetime and insanely affordable. Its modest membership fee barely covers the cost of supplies and maybe something toward the website—and the bartender's tip
some girls just wanna have fun, ya know?

Blast from Your Past!
That's what 39AHC and "Club 39" is all about. Think fun, rejuvenation, and many enjoyable romps down Memory Lane. You can learn more about the other side of my party for Boomers, here! 

I hope you'll join us—literally—and help make the 39 and Holding Club interesting and unique. I'll always be open to suggestions for making it better. With limited financial resources I do what I can, when I can. 

My goal however, is to remind you to revel in the perks of aging, and ignore the platitudes of “old age.”

In the meantime, check back for new pages and ways for all of us to celebrate our 39th birthdays—every year. “It isn’t your age, it’s your attitude that counts!”

LinDee Rochelle

Yes, this pic is a few years old2006but haven't taken one since I really like.
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