Are You a 39er?

So are you? ... 39 ...
Or in your 40s, 50s, 60s+ and still thinking young?

When asked your age, do you answer
(tongue firmly planted in cheek)
"I'm 39 and holding!"

If you were born on or before today's date 1976 or earlier ...
Or ... is your birthday this month?
Happy UN-Birthday

You belong here! Welcome to the 39 and Holding Club(TM)
It isn't your age ... it's your att-i-tude that counts!

Join us in the Fountain of Youth ... and be forever young.
Lifetime memberships are insanely affordable and fun to give as gifts!
(OK, we're not really there ... but it looks like fun!)

Join "Club 39" the most elite, inane club on Earth.
And check out our cool logo stuff at Club 39 Nifty Gifts!


(Unfortunately, we have recently had to perform a full site rebuild - not finished yet, but we'll keep on truckin'!)