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What privileges come with the 39AHC / Club 39 Lifetime Membership?
Hahaha … oh, sorry. I love comic relief. Please know that *Club 39 membership is strictly in fun. Make no mistake, your membership IS official – the cards are numbered and proprietary. However, this is the BEST club you will ever join. Through it, a global connection to like-minded people is enjoyed. Not only does it proclaim you’re forever youthful, but obligations are non-existent and privileges are your wit and att-i-tude! 
o   No obligations
o   No annual fees
o   No meetings
o   No sourpusses allowed
o   Yes! A Forever Young Attitude is expected!

*What is the difference between "39 and Holding Club" and "Club 39"?
Not a dang thing. Sorry if I confused you, but Club 39 is just my lazy way at times, of referring to the 39 and Holding Club. And it makes for a more concise logo. :-)

Do we require a full birthdate?
-          Absolutely not; we ask only for day and month of birth. We value your privacy and although we’re based on birthdate, if you are under 39 years old and want to join to get a jump on things, who am I to question your sanity?! (If I could require it to provide true exclusivity I would - but in this day of out-of-control security issues it isn't worth the hassle.) 
What is our privacy policy?
-          We do collect email addresses from our members for necessary confirmations and shipping information, and the occasional newsletter (which you can opt out of); however we’re on a mission of fun and inanity. Your email address is protected and our list(s) is not sold or shared with anyone else. (We’re stingy that way.) 
How do you know our payment portal is safe?
-          PayPal is as safe as it gets on the Internet; I trust them to do right by both of us. Your payment is processed through PayPal and subject to their privacy and security policies. At no time is 39AHC privy to your payment information.
Once you order how long will it take to receive your 39AHC / Club 39 Lifetime Membership card?
-          Generally, it ships within three business days, via USPS/First Class mail. So order according to your estimated arrival from California; especially as a gift. 
Is that all you get – a laminated card? Well …
-          Your exclusive Club 39 Lifetime Membership card is individually produced and comes with a handy, official Club 39 / 39 and Holding Club Tyvek cardholder.
-          Membership includes a fun welcoming greeting card!
-          If a gift for someone else, it will be mailed to the address** you provide with a free greeting card in your name.
o   **If gift membership is not shipped to the person whose name is on the card, please provide their city and state, so we may include in our state-by-state membership list. 
Is that all there is to 39AHC / Club 39?
-          Oh heavens no … check out our Café Press gift shop! Club 39 Nifty Gifts. And, our big bro site, Blast from Your Past, about Rock& Roll Radio of the 1950s – 1970s. Rock on!
-      And who knows ... once I finish my current book, I could develop this site and the 39 and Holding brand the way it deserves. Have any ideas? 

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