G'pa Jack Benny

February 14, 1894~December 26, 1974
Most who read this are lucky if they remember deadpan funnyman, Jack Benny's self-titled show, The Jack Benny Program that aired on NBC from 1950-1965.

But you're truly "golden" if you recall the year Jack Benny turned 40 years old - it was 1934. Still honing his comedic craft on the radio, he strove to engage his audience.

"Grandpa Benny" was 39 and Holding 41 times!

According to Wikipedia and the International Jack Benny Fan Club, Mr. Benny didn't care what celebs had funny reputations, as long as they made his audiences laugh.

So why is he lauded as the 39 and Holding Club's honorary "grandfather"?

Well, the story goes ... Mr. Benny had celebrated his 39th birthday on-air in 1933 with his audience, during The Jack Benny Program. When he turned 40 the next year, ever-more popular than before, he wanted to again enjoy his birthday with fans. But came the day, he refused to say he was turning 40 ... instead, he announced he was ... "39 and holding."

Why? Because "there's nothing funny about 40," declared the funnyman.

Although I tend to find humor in nearly everything, even when my birthday rolls around - I totally understand his logic. Funny keeps us young. Silly is funny ... laughing is a youth serum!

At the 39 and Holding Club we'll celebrate our birthdays the Jack Benny way ... I hope you'll join us!