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So - you want to be forever young?
If you’re reading this, you already are!

By virtue of your 39th birthday, when your next birthday
comes along, if you think young, you will still only be 39!!

 Remember ... when you’re 39 and Holding ...

It isn't your age ... it's your ATT-i-tude that counts!(TM)

 Do your friends demand to see proof of your age? We can make you legit! From official Club membership cards, to scads of fun clothes, home deco, and personal accessories on CafĂ© Press, we can prove you’re only 39 and Holding!

Join us at Club 39*!

*Club 39 is 39AHC's alter-ego, and our Lifetime Membership card is cheap and easy. (Heehee.) The laminated card proclaims and certifies you are not — and never will be — a day over 39 years old!** So keep it close for your next birthday or rude person who asks your age.

**Only the day and month of your birthday is required. If you are under 39 years old and want to join to get a jump on things, who am I to question your sanity? And, this is a private website. You are never contacted by anyone else; our communication is as much or as little as you desire. Payment transactions are securely placed through PayPal.  (See our FAQ page for more information.) 

How to join: You have two options: Standard ($5.39) and Premium ($11.39).*** The only difference is the Premium comes with a cool "official" 39AHC keychain.*** The card and all of its privileges (hahaha) are the same no matter which option you choose.

Click on one of the options in the menu on your right. >>>>>>>>

C'mon - have some fun. Join the most elite, inane global club on Earth!
No obligations.
No annual fee.
No meetings.
No sourpusses allowed.
Yes! A Forever Young Attitude is required!

*** $2.00 added for shipping & handling charge (or for slice of pizza / tonight's dessert / bartender's tip - whatever you want to call it; bottom line, I do this for fun). 

Did I Offend You? GOOD now LAUGH & get over it!
*** Each keychain is seriously unique, individually handcrafted with genuine black leather strap and quality beads of stone, natural materials, glass, or silver, and a sterling silver charm. White plastic cube beads proclaim Club 39 in black letters. A claw-clip for accessory charm can be substituted for round key ring. Please note on your order.

More gifts for you and your friends at Club 39 Nifty Gifts! Club membership not required for these fun products with attitude. >>>>>>>>

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