Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happy UN-Birthday September 39ers

September 39ers Rock into Fall! 

Apologies to September 39ers for a late post. I’m going with “better late than never.” I'd joke and say we'll call it a ten-day hangover, but I know some of you would believe me! :-) Maybe I'm trying to hold off the end-of-year-crunch a bit longer ...

This time of year holds birthdays for many; a culmination of last winter’s friskiness. The end of this month also signals the beginning of our “busy season,” as we head into the dual-emotional beloved and detested holidays. (Shhh, I didn’t say Christmas, or even Halloween yet, but I smell the pumpkin spice …)

The Zodiac realm celebrates Virgo’s perfectionism and Libra’s gentle sense of balance, both formidable and lovable … fairly parallel to the Holidays, don’t you think?

Before we run headlong into turkey legs and mistletoe , this month is a great time to reflect on the past eight months … or the last eight years … or all the Septembers of your life … not only for our birthday buddies, but a thoughtful practice for everyone.

Find some quiet time and meditate on the year so far – this is your last chance to give it an overhaul in the present, before it becomes the past, and portends your future.

Then … let’s PAR-tay!
Don your fave sapphire shirt or dress and feel special, September 39ers – make it a day, weekend, or whole month filled with balloons and Morning Glories or the traditional Asters.

September birthday friends can move from negatively critical to insanely funny in a heartbeat. Perfect personality to complement the hot and cold climates that dog our days through a month that can’t decide if it’s part of summer or winter.

While you’re prancing about, celebrating, keep an eye out for some famous September birthday buds: Keanu Reeves (52 on 2nd), Sophia Loren (82 on 20th), Bill Murray (66 on 21st), Bruce Springsteen (67 on 23rd), and the lovely Ms. Olivia Newton-John (68 on 26th).
"Try to Remember" 1965 Kingston Trio (their 1963 album "#16")

Try to Remember ... the kind of September ... that was your best September and make it better!

Remember 39ers – Age is a number … LIFE is ATT-i-tude!

Happy UN-Birthday SEPTEMBER 39ers,
(Here’s lookin’ at you, kids – 39AHC Birthday 39ers, Barb, Jennifer, Thomas, Chad, Scott & Verne!))

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

AUGUST 39ers UN-Birthday Oasis

Feeling the heat August 39ers?

Whatever cool way you’re celebrating your birthday month, no doubt somewhere, life-of-the-party Leos (07/23 – 08/22) are turning impish Virgos (08/23 – 09/22) on to some cool party tricks during these hot, steamy days.

August was originally known as Sextilis in Latin, and held the sixth month place on the calendar until around 700BC (talk about confusing the masses). But it wasn’t enough for Augustus to establish the Roman Empire – his many triumphs inspired the powers that be to rename and move Sextilis to the eighth month in commemoration of the month’s numerous victories.

So Leos, wielding boisterous words with a Gladiolus stalk like the “sword lily” your birth month flower is, you can be sure to command attention, taking your slice of summer life to the hilt.

Virgos seeking something a little more sedate? Try a trip to Arizona for some Peridot hunting! The desert is famous for its Peridot gem quality.

It’s easy to believe stories of its magical powers and healing properties, as the bright green birthstone mesmerizes with multi-layered cool, green depths.

OK, snap out of it – time to get on with the month – and on with the party, August 39ers!

Celebrate the day and take your mind off the heat. Aw heck, just celebrate the whole month, creating an oasis of diversions – in your mind, if not in deed – that toast your life. You deserve it

Happy UN-Birthday AUGUST 39ers!
(Here’s lookin’ at you, kids – 39AHC Birthday 39ers, Linda, Jim and Stephanie.)

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Happy UN-Birthday JULY 39ers

July 39ers Sparkle in the Summer Sun! 

Do you know a July 39er who’s a glittery “gem” in your circle of life? Of course, all 39ers are gems! But everyone seems to sparkle a little brighter during their birth month, don’t you think?

We often have fun here with birthstone/gemstone information and gift suggestions … this month’s shiny gems are especially intriguing … there is more to July than Ruby Baby.*

Gemstones play a part in our lives even if we don’t subscribe to the tenets of astrology. A popular gift item over millennia, gems have touched us in many fascinating ways.

Not only do gemstones symbolize our birth month, but identify us even by different centuries, eras, and cultures. Take July’s resplendent ruby …

July’s gemstone via the American Gem Society is established as the royal Ruby, but … “In 1912, in an effort to standardize birthstones, the (American) National Association of Jewelers met in Kansas and officially adopted a list.” (Wiki)

Famed Tiffany & Co. even published poems of an “unknown author" in an 1870 pamphlet, lionizing our birthstones. Their July verse: The glowing ruby shall adorn, | Those who in July are born; | Then they'll be exempt and free | From love's doubts and anxiety. But doesn't the day you were born deserve something sparkly?

According to Wiki’s lengthy background of gemstones, there are also birth “day” stones allocated by day of the week! Saturday, for instance, shares two: turquoise and diamond.

Perusing gems through history has revealed multiple beauties ruling over each month, astrological sign, and even day of the week you were born