Sunday, February 1, 2015

February ~ Cupid, draw back your bow-oh-oh!

Hearts and harps. Sweets and suites. Who can resist Valentine’sDay? It strives to define the month of February. At least in the eyes of retailers.

And though there are other noble reasons to commemorate February along with CupidWorld Radio Day (13th), Presidents’ Day (16th), and Marijuana Awareness Month – for the 39 and Holding Club, February 14th is also “Grandpa” Jack Benny Day!

Jack Benny was a deadpan funnyman who segued from family night around the console radio to family night in front of the TV, with delightful dry humor and self-deprecating one-liners. 

A Valentine baby, Mr. Benny (February 14, 1894-1974) is the sole reason the 39 and Holding Club exists. Having celebrated his 39th birthday on-air with fans, he looked forward to it again the following year.
He leaned toward the microphone to declare his 40th birthday … and couldn’t do it. “There’s nothing funny about 40,” he said, and declared instead, “I’m 39 and Holding!”

Appropriate to his Valentine birthday, “Love in Bloom*” became Mr. Benny’s television theme song, in spite of its incongruous application to the man and his show. (*1934, music by Ralph Rainger, lyrics by Leo Robin.)

Other famous Valentine babies: the infamous Jimmy Hoffa; danceman, Gregory Hines; and the Brady Bunch mom, Florence Henderson.

At 39AHC though, we celebrate the whole month of quirky Aquarians making way for the dreamy Pisces folks. February mixes it up with unpredictable and mystical imagination.

Neither are shrinking violets, although the violet is February’s lovely flower, and complements the spiritual clarity of amethyst, the month’s gem.

As you prepare to party with your February birthday friends, remember to make it a fun, UN-birthday party, the 39 and Holding Club way!

Happy UN-Birthday February 39ers,
(Special shout-out to Birthday 39er, Sharon!)
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