Monday, March 16, 2015

As Young As You Feel - vintage movie fun

Win a DVD of 1951’s comedy As Young As You Feel!

Why would you want to? Because Norma Jean Mortenson – aka Marilyn Monroe – boosted her burgeoning career with this little-known film. And Sunday is "As Young As You Feel Day"!

Between Tuesday, March 17th (feeling lucky?) and 9:00p/PDT Sunday, March 22nd (As Young as You Feel Day!), look for THREE tweets on @39HoldingClub and Facebook with questions pertaining to your philosophy about age.

You must respond specifically to ONE of my tweets (they’ll be listed in my Favorites so you can access them any time) – which obviously means your words of wisdom are restricted to 140 characters or less. You can also respond on Facebook – same character rule applies. (Yes, I’ll check it!)

Enter as often as you like. Please be inspiring, kind and witty … retweets await the best and posted on this site … blasphemous tweets will be deleted (and if you follow me – unfollowing follows!). This is all in FUN, but a flippant reply most likely won't be victorious.

There are no right or wrong answers – only your ATT-I-TUDE and wit will be considered. One winner – will receive notification on Tue., March 24th in a PM, and in a congratulatory tweet and Facebook post. Spread the word, reply to the tweet(s), and good luck!

[P.S.: No, I can’t be bought – and I’m excruciatingly NOT partial to my friends’ and relatives’ responses, however much I love them. :-) ]

Never heard of the movie? Let me introduce you …

*DVD of As Young as You Feel is new and sealed. Estimated $17.00 value. Shipped free domestically only. Enjoy!

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