Friday, December 11, 2015

December 39ers Celebrate with Cheery Spirit!

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Oh – is it December already? I was having so much fun celebrating my birth month that I didn’t notice we’d whipped around the corner and run full tilt into the Holiday month!

Oh my, I’m so naughty – December UN-birthday fun is very late – please don’t send me a lump of coal!

My procrastination however, does not mean that December 39ers are any less important – in fact, they may be the most important of the year!

December birthdays tend to be hurriedly squished between shopping and anticipation of the New Year Baby – leaving little time for our fave 12th month babes.

Just like a riff from Billy GibbonsRockin’ guitar, Sagittarius crashes with an explosive crescendo into the month that marks an exciting, definitive year-end, and leads into the promising New Year's beginning, with Capricorn.

Sagittarius is an esteemed elder member of the 88 modern constellations. It’s one of the 48 twinkly patterns listed by Ptolemy, 2nd century Greco-Egyptian writer, astronomer, mathematician, geographer, and astrologer.

Whew! How do you pack all of that into one life?! Ah yes, it was before the wasteland of the Internet …Ptolemy certainly led a colorful life. Speaking of color …

In this month dominated by red and green, Sags stride regally to the beat of a different drum in shades of purple, offset by glowing turquoise, December’s gemstone symbol of good fortune and success.

It should come as no surprise that a plethora of famous folks ride the Sagittarius centaur through much of the month, since Sags are famous as the life of the party!

Billy, 66 (Dec. 16), of ZZ Top notoriety, displays Sag’s adventurous spirit, diving into acting with a part time recurring role as Angela “Pearly Gates” Montenegro’s pop in Bones. But he isn’t the only famous December 39er!

Dick Van Dyke laughs his way into his 90th year (Dec. 13), Brad Pitt makes 52 look good (Dec. 18), and Ryan Seacrest jumps to 41, celebrating with Santa on Christmas Eve.

By the 22nd, we’re following the cool, calm and collected temperament of the irrepressible Capricorn goats. More famed holly-babies:

Christmas Day brings “Changes in Latitudes,Changes in ATT-I-TUDES”’ Jimmy Buffett at a spry 69, along with actress Sissy Spacek (66), and singer-songwriter Annie Lennox (61). Let’s Rock the Holidays!

With the sparkle and sacred spirit of December, we take stock of life, love, and the liberation of a New Year. Remember to give equal attention to the December 39ers in your life.

Cheers & Happy UN-Birthday December 39ers!
(Here’s lookin’ at you, kids39AHC November Birthday 39ers: Linda M., Patricia B., Kevin S. & Santa Claus!)
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