Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 39ers Cuddling with Classic TV

Celebs & Classic TV Cuddle Up!

Reflection is unavoidable in January so let's think celebs and those innovative classic TV shows 39 years ago! (There is a certain smug serenity about sharing a birthday with a famous personality.)

Since the famous and infamous flaunt their spectacular flair, and their poorly disguised flaws are unceasing news fodder, let's think about why they’re loved or despised, which may offer insight for a review of your personal traits, January 39ers.    
Do you share a 39er birthday and the suave Capricorn personality of Patrick Dempsey (50, Jan. 13)? Or are you known more for your talented quirkiness akin to Aquarian Eddie Van Halen (61, Jan. 26)? 

Caps are staunch supporters but often lack emotional attachment (think Mel Gibson, 60, Jan. 3); while Aquarians tend to baffle the world, switching between brilliant and slightly crazy (ala, zany actress Brett Butler, 58, Jan. 30). But about you … 

How do you plan to spend your January birthday? Hate the cold? Snuggle under your fave blankie and watch your fondest classic TV show – it’s gotta be airing somewhere! Were you takin’ it One Day at a Time 39 years ago? 
While you’re crunching popcorn, take a moment to reflect on the past and your inner personality, rejoice with your present environment (or plan to change it), and rejuvenate yourself for a New Year of adventure! 
Happy UN-Birthday January 39ers,
(Special shout-out to Birthday 39ers, Erin, Chris, Jodie & Joe!)

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