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Happy UN-Birthday 39ers August 2019

August 39ers … Button, Button, Who’s Got the Party? 

Okay, I know August is often called the “dog days of summer.” It’s hot, muggy, and generally miserable. However, 39ers celebrate every month, and always find something to party around!

If you’re ready for fun, August 39ers, startle your friends and family, with a good-natured growl for … Arrr-gust: International Pirate Month!        

Next, let’s get creative with a couple of button-down Rock & Roll weeks …
August 4th-10th: National Button Week will have you sewing up a storm and scouring vintage shops for great retro buttons to add sparkle to your creations! Perhaps something to wear for …

August 9th-17th: It’s Elvis Week! Get “All Shook Up” and do the “Bossa Nova, Baby.” Elvis may be gone these many years (January 1935 – August 1977), but he still inspires us to remember, “It’s Now or Never”! And now … let the real parties begin …

Besides AUGUST UN-Birthdays ~ More Happy Celebrations
August 2nd-4th: Twins Day I know that’s three days, not one, but apparently it became so popular, they went for the full weekend. Now, twins are something I happen to focus a specialty on—as I have a matching male pair. By the time they turned twelve, my go-to line when asked about the experience was, “They love to hate each other (because they’re always fighting), and hate to love each other (‘cause they can never stay angry with each other long).
THE big Twins Day happens in, of course—Twinsburg, Ohio—with a celebration of multiple births. And yes, you’ll be seeing double, if not more!

August 17th: Baby Boomer's Recognition Day conspicuously lands on a Woodstock anniversary day! Not that we need to recognize our contributions to the world, but Boomers are often bashed more than a bit by young’uns for making the world more wrong than right. In addition to not considering the generations before Boomers that bequeathed their share of broken dreams, I like to refer to the “Me Generation Boomers” as the breakout boomers. We broke the Fifties mold of complacency and paved the way for questioning the status quo, while reaching for a higher consciousness (sometimes literally).
            So even if you’re not at that elevated age, channel your inner hippie, your raging Rocker, or your peaceful protestor and wear a retro tie-dyed shirt, vintage band button and rose-colored glasses, or at the very least, distressed Levi’s (yes, we started that) and Rock On!

August 28th: National Bow Tie Day—not comfortable in vintage Birkenstock sandals and a fringe jacket? Then go even further back to a retro early 20th century style that just keeps on truckin’ … Of course, the bow tie is much older than the that, traipsing through the years since the 17th century.
            From royalty to black tie events, to a staple of popular comedians, the ubiquitous bow tie still makes stylish appearances. Fun Wiki observation: “The bow tie hints at intellectualism, real or feigned, and sometimes suggests technical acumen, perhaps because it is so hard to tie.” So grab a clip-on and join the fun!
            A few famous bow tie wearers: Charlie Chaplin (pic./left), Stan Laurel, Jerry Lewis, Orville Redenbacher (the popcorn guy), and Bill Nye “the science guy.”

August 31st: Bacon Day—YUM! Have you searched the Internet for bacon recipes lately? Oh, my … it’s a scary gastrointestinal mecca! The Food Network offers fifty different types of bacon appetizers—give one a try! I’m drooling over the Bacon Crab Cakes.

For 39ers who Follow the Stars  
Summer parties are not complete without a 39er Leo (07/23-08/22) UN-birthday guest or honoree. You’ll likely meet one or two of these gregarious folks this month, but look out for the impish Virgos (08/23-09/22). They’re no slouches in the party department!
Don’t worry, you’ll be able to tell them apart. The lively Leos can’t help but grab your attention in any gathering, even during hot and steamy heatwaves. Though Virgos may sneak in while your head’s turned, don’t be surprised to feel a big, wet (but refreshing) kiss planted on your cheek. They can be very affectionate.
Also commanding attention in August is its stately birth month flower, the Gladiolus stalk, personifying its nickname of “sword lily.” August 39ers, set your stance, and take your slice of summer fun to the hilt!
To cool off, peer into the depths of this month’s soothing green birthstone. Many wearers believe stories of the Peridot’s magical powers and healing properties, as it mesmerizes with multi-layered cool, green facets.

Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude  
The ordinary experiences of aging alter and clarify your view of past, present, and future. ~ Edith Pearlman; celebrated short-story author.

Don’t wait, start now! Happy UN-Birthday AUGUST 39ers: This one’s for you, kids – Linda, Jim, Stephanie, and Tanya!
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Are you a 39er this month? Feel free to share your UN-birthday comments below (click on Comments or if it says No Comments, click that to be the first) and tell us how you really feel about your age and aging. Keep the stories coming!

LinDee Rochelle is a writer and editor by trade, and author by way of Rock & Roll. She has published two books (of three) in her Blast from Your Past series, available on Amazon (eBook and print): Book 1Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years 1954-1959; and Book 2Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties. Coming soon … The Psychedelic Seventies!

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