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Happy UN-Birthday 39ers MARCH 2022

39ers March into March!

03/23/22 ~ 39AHC Special Bulletin! Well that was an engaging reality lesson in social media. 1) I can't afford to pay for advertising on Twitter (which would likely lead to more engagement), and 2) I haven't done much in the past 1-2 years to expand my followers. 

So darn ... I couldn't award a free Blast from Your Past paperback book about the pioneering Rock Radio DJs (1950s or 1960s), from our big bro site, BlastFromYourPast.net

But there will likely be a "next time" as I bump up my marketing efforts and want to have some fun while I'm at it. In the meantime ...

Back to our regularly scheduled blog ... 

Wow. The first two months went by fast, didn’t they? It seems this year is all about getting motivated and back into life again. It’s a good busy!

We’re marching into March and giving 39ers their own annual day (regardless of your birthday), a virtual vacation, and lots of green! Then, you can write all about your adventures ...

֎ Celebrating MARCH 39ers ~ And More!
Along with new, personal images many of us are sporting for the New Year, businesses and organizations too, are glowing in makeovers. 39 and Holding Club is also going through the throes of renovation. Throughout the year, I’ll be revising some key pages, upgrading club info and member criteria — hint: everyone 39+ are automatic 39er members! — and adding/revising commercial products on
Café Press. Make it a habit to check back and see what’s new! 
       It’s also
Small Press Month, sponsored by Small Press Distribution, which ties right in with one of our special days. I began writing books through just such a company and try to promote small press and independent book stores whenever possible. Regardless of how you acquire books, just do it. Reading is good for the soul. And if you don’t see anything you like ... write one! 

March 8th: Another form of expression celebrates today in vintage-into-new style. Hyperkin, a gaming hardware development company created National Retro Video Game Day. Though there is nothing on their site that tells us why March 8th is special, going retro is always fun and who doesn’t remember Atari’s “Pong”?! After massive video console popularity, home games hit the market in 1975 and the world was never the same. Check out what’s new on the market forty-seven years later! 

March 14th: is Write Your Story Day! Though there is no official link for this day, 39 and Holding Club always has links for any day we celebrate! At our Mama-site, Penchant for Penning, we call this one “Writing Your Legacy“ day. Technically the same ... get the basics on how to start, to leave a legacy, create an autobiography, or conjure up a fictional account of your personal stories. They’re all important—whether you publish them or not. Do it! 

March 17th: Of course it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you consider yourself Irish-American or not Irish at all, it’s okay to celebrate the greenest day of the year with a shamrock in your hair (or on your shirt) and a pint o’ Guinness in hand. The Irish think everyone’s family, so there’s a wee bit o’ Irish in everybody on this day. Celebrate! 

March 18th: Are you ready to learn something new? Well, new to me, and if you’re not into cooking this signature dish, you likely didn’t know it’s National Sloppy Joe Day! Like so many “special days” the link associated with it doesn’t mention “the day” or any special designation found on the calendar. I tend to bypass those types of listings, but I had to include this one, because it taught me something.
       The “original” Sloppy Joe at the New Jersey’s Town Hall Deli, “birthplace of the Sloppy Joe,” has nothing to do with the common tomato sauce-ground beef Sloppy Joe we know so well and love to eat, any day. Their story is entertaining, if not what is expected.

       According to their delightful history, a decades-old trip to Cuba found a real-life Sloppy Joe serving an irresistible sandwich to famous and infamous travelers. The iconic sandwich “... was made with cole slaw, ham, cow tongue, swiss cheese, with lots of dressing and was served on thin rye bread.” See? Not even a slice of tomato. However, the deli has expanded its menu and serves many varieties worth a look-see. Yum! Still love your tomato-based Sloppy Joe? Enjoy some recipes for your at-home taste-testing. 

March 18th: Yawn. I’m finding it difficult to wake up on World Sleep Day! So I’ll just close my eyes for another couple minutes ... Wake UP! As the creator of this day says, Quality Sleep – Sound Mind – Happy World. Even if it’s just your own little world. We’re finally beginning to recognize that sleep is not only important in our health, but enough sleep is vital to good health. Go ahead ... take a nap! 

March 22nd: THIS IS IT!! Welcome to 39 and Holding Club’s first “39 and Holding Day”! I scanned calendars for the perfect day, at first, gravitating toward February 14th, because it’s Jack Benny’s birthday. If you’ve roamed our site at all, you know the funnyman is credited with first eschewing turning 40 because, “There is nothing funny about 40. I am ‘39 and holding’!” But there is a long list that joins Valentine's Day celebrating, so what better day to celebrate 39 and Holding Club than ... 
       March 22nd is also noted on the public calendars for As Young as You Feel Day”! Sadly, there is no official link, but a couple years back I learned of the vintage movie, As Young as You Feel (1951), that purports it is Marilyn Monroe’s debut supporting role in a film. Up ‘til then, Marilyn (in several name incarnations) was known as a bit player, and even for this movie, initial promotional posters did not even include her name. It wasn’t until shrewd marketing folks noted the fan-stir she caused, that her name was added; and later, her prominent image. And the rest is celebrity history. 
The movie is charming, as only a 1950s film can be, flaunting its black-and-white comedic imagery in the best
20th Century Fox cinematography of the day, complete with happy ending. So today, 39ers, find a classic copy or head over to YouTube where you can view the full movie. Hint: it’s about a 65-year-old guy who feels his company has forced him into retirement. His antics and hijinks to look and act young again and reclaim his job, is a hoot. Bombshell Marilyn is his cohort in crime, as his secretary. 
Use the rest of the day to enjoy how you are as young as you feel regardless of your age, on 39 and Holding Day! Dance to the movie’s peppy opening song, “
You Make Me Feel So Young” and enjoy! This is just the beginning of our 39AHC Day. The rest of this year will be used to fully develop the day for March 22, 2023. Because ... Age is a number, LIFE is attitude! Stay tuned! You make me feel so spring has sprung ...  

March 30th: Let’s round out the month and head into Spring with Virtual Vacation Day! Things may be loosening up after the past two pandemic years, but travel can still be iffy. If you’re not ready to take that first step back into the world-at-large, this site has more than enough fun places and resources to go and enjoy virtually! 
From virtual reality equipment to virtual travel in apps or online, you’ll find the best the world has to offer—visit the Louvre, Galapagos Islands, my hometown, San Diego, or even take a trip into Space—right in your own home. That’s just the tip of the Arctic icebergs. So many locations to choose from ... 

Monthly Song of Note: 
Warning! Listening to this song may leave you craving a sugary cereal breakfast! Why? BecauseYou are the One" is sung by the "Sugar Bears"... a springy in Spring song by an animated bear and his chums. Cute. In the 1940s “Sugar Bear” became a  commercial charm for Sugar Crisp, the precursor to Golden Crisp cereal produced by the General Foods Corporation (now defunct).
       By 1971 Sugar Bear became the lead singer of the bubblegum 
pop studio band, complete with a fan-favorite marketing program that printed a cut-out record on the back of Super Sugar Crisp boxes. Pop rock with your breakfast! Baby, you’re my mornin’ sun ...  
       Do you know our Big Bro site,
BlastFromYourPast.net has a different Monthly Song of Note? Check out the WCFL/Chicago March 1972 chart-topping hits with Sugar Bears at #24... 50 Years Ago this Month.

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars  
It seems most astrologers are predicting this month will be particularly auspicious for many of us, regardless of your Zodiac presence. Let’s hope so!  

Let’s start with our people-pleasing Pisces 39ers (Feb 19-Mar 20) as they help us rise from the pandemic ashes armed with emotional energy and sensitive love. Pisces makes it a point to know everyone in their societal realm, because, well ... you never know when they can connect you to someone else who can help. Networking at its best!  
As for our airy Aries
39ers (Mar 21-April 19), usually a scattered ray of energy, they home in on this month with heightened mental acuity. If you’re looking for an Aries to love, they’ll be plentiful during the Ides of March; meanwhile, your Aries work buddies turn into dynamos after the 18th’s full moon. Watch ‘em work or join in the fun.   
All-in-all, it’s an active month for the Zodiac personality in all of us. Go in peace with
Pisces’ healing colors of green, but be open to assertiveness in the passionate red of Aries. Sláinte! 

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude  
As young as you feel is a state of mind, not a state of years. It’s all in the ATT-i-tude!
~ L. Rochelle 

Cheers to your Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ MARCH 2022!
       This one’s for you, kids – Steven, Pat (IM), Susan, and Jim (IM)!

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03/22/22 ~ 39AHC Special Bulletin! Finally, a day we 39ers can all celebrate regardless of your birth date. March 22nd is now “39 and Holding DAY”! Check your Twitter feed ... follow @39HoldingClub and reply to today’s post: “What Keeps You “Young at Heart”?

By end of the day, we’ll tally all the replies and how many *likes* each receives. Most likes receives a free Blast from Your Past book about the pioneering Rock Radio DJs (1950s or 1960s), from our big bro site, BlastFromYourPast.net. Bonus: you may find something in others’ replies that will help keep you young, too!


Original Intro 03/01/22: Argh! Caught with my Shamrock down again! So sorry ... the days get away and time slips by before you can blink. I’m working fast and furiously to post your 39er UN-Birthday MARCH article asap. Please come back for fun and frolic ... it’s a-comin’! 

*Important Legal Message: Any data, links, or opinions in this site are for your information only and does not constitute legal or medical expertise of any kind. My expertise is writing and sensible reporting. Period. Please use all data, links, or my skewed opinions at your own risk.

Are you a 39er this month? Feel free to share your UN-birthday comments below (click on Comments or if it says No Comments, click that to be the first) and tell us how you really feel about your age and aging. Keep the stories coming!

LinDee Rochelle is a writer and editor by trade, and author by way of Rock & Roll. She has published two books (of three) in her Blast from Your Past series, available on Amazon (eBook and print): Book 1Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years 1954-1959; and Book 2Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties. Coming soon … The Psychedelic Seventies!

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