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39ers Aging with ATTitude Platitude JUNE 2023

Greens of Summer and Sunny Day Photos  

Happy Summer day, 39ers! Do I have a hot, frolicking, action-packed June ready for you! You know I always try to find fun, stay-young things to do and enjoy … with that in mind, like a kid in a candy shop, we’re going to be head-swinging all month with SO many exciting Summer adventures, following the same theme of our San Diego County Fair: “Get Out There”!

San Diego’s fair, like many around the country is returning this summer to full, post-pandemic mode with an abundance of creative, motivating and audacious things to see, learn and do, to get us out of the house and out into the world again. Grab a bag of popcorn and check out just some of the fun …

֎ Celebrating JUNE 39ers ~ And More!  
There are a ton of fun ways and days to celebrate June, in addition to 39ers’ Gemini and Cancer UN-birthdays!
This special summer edition of 39AHC’s Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude lists a smattering of see and do activities at our Fair, with links to their site for MORE—and probably too, at your county fair, wherever you are.

The end of the month events sweep you into July as the Fair and fun festivals span the steamy “double-J” days (June & July—get it? 😊).

No doubt, there will be a fair showing of beautiful roses in the San Diego Country Fair’s Paul Ecke Jr. Flower Show, during National Rose Month! The exquisite rose has personified the meaning of romance and weddings for centuries. Although white is still the most popular, some favor roses in dramatic deep red. (Check out our parent site for this month’s word apropos!) Everyone has a favorite rose color—mine is yellow—what’s yours?

National Rose Month is sponsored by a commercial retailer, but it’s absolutely free to peruse the fair’s entries and winners of the flower show (with fair admission, of course). There are a number of special floral exhibition days to consider, wrapping up with Thursday, June 29’s Rose Day!

If you’re not into red wine, the Fair gives you an excuse to celebrate National Rum Punch Month, with a mystery. See the Fair listings below for the key …

June 3rd: Red seems to be the appropriate color of the month with today’s Full Strawberry Moon (8:41 p.m. PDT)! Summer full moons are always special, as we’re out later at night, and often with a loved one. Hand-in-hand, we look up and sigh … and think of strawberries? Maybe, as the Algonquian, found it’s the best time to harvest them. But there is more than one moon designation every month. We could consider the time of year, which is reflected in “Hot Moon,” or a native Cherokee term “Green Corn Moon,” referring to their young crops.

7th: San Diego County Fair opens today! And it runs nearly a whole month, through the high-spirited, patriotic July 4th celebration. As I said, this year, we come alive again, treasuring that which we lost in the past three years, and celebrating our newfound freedom and future—in the great outdoors! What better place to be a kid again, 39ers, than a county fair?! Although I speak of all the excitement in my home base of San Diego, this list finds fairs and festivals countrywide

Surprises abound … you may have seen a “snake in the grass,” and a few have encountered “snakes on a plane,” but at the Fair you just might see a … snake in your hair?! During the Fair’s promotional media event, Jessica Geiszler, marketing and public outreach manager for the San Diego Parks & Recreation Dept., was a good sport about this little King snake looking for a warm place to curl up. But she drew the line at going through her hair! It just goes to show, you never know what unexpected adventures may await at your local county fair. See a few special dates, below.

Jessica listens to the wise ol' owl.
The County Parks system along with the San Diego Fairgrounds, are hand-in-hand with you in Get Out There challenges, freebies, and loads of fun, complete with a Fair scavenger hunt, relay races, and more! Kids of all ages are encouraged to participate. Follow the Fair trails throughout the grounds, take selfies with custom bigfoot and animal art, and real live animals of nature, like cockatoos and snakes! Learn how to camp, where to hike and how to make s’mores—and don’t forget the Campfire Ghost Stories!

For adventure-minded 39ers scavenging for libation, the Destination Unknown tiki-themed speakeasy, is tucked away at the Fair ... somewhere ... it's in a not-so-secret mystery location. Ask pretty much anyone for directions. Speaking of rum for National Rum Punch Month, that's where I found the yummiest pineapple and Bacardi potion.

A smattering of “Get Out There” San Diego County Fair highlights:

I found Destination Unknown!
Of course, throughout the Fair great exhibits and demonstrations are open to enjoy, like the Exhibition of Fine Art. It’s a very competitive juried competition/event that features both 2-D and 3-D artwork, in every imaginable form; and the incredible Horse Show Experience for a close-up of equine life. If you want to hunt for a particular activity, go here for their Daily Schedule. And of course, the music!  Toyota Summer Concert Series and Chevrolet Paddock Stage lineups are stellar for every mood. Just a few to whet your appetite …

June 8th: Many of us trek to the Fair just for the FOOD! Every day is fair-food day!
June 9th: Kevin Hart event to liven up your Friday.
June 14th: CBS 8’s Shawn Styles Cooking Demo—oh, yum!
June 14
th: Pay-One-Price Ride Days! Every Wednesday and Thursday throughout! (See details.)
June 17th: Lynyrd Skynyrd concert—Gimme three steps toward the door!
June 21st-25th: Huckleberry Road—smashing country & Rock together …
June 23rd: More Country/Rock with Eagle Eyes—tribute to The Eagles.
June 29th: Taken by the Sky—airborne with tribute to Fleetwood Mac. 
1st: SD International Beer Festival. Cheers! 1,064 beers competed for top honors.
July 1st: Woodie and the Longboards—no self-respecting California Fair is complete without a tribute band to The Beach Boys!
July 3rd: Switchfoot—need we say more
July 4th: And winding up the stellar concert series, Kiss the Sky—recreating the style, sound, and unique energy of Jimi Hendrix—followed by a grand finale of FIREWORKS!

Annnnnd, we’re back to the regular line-up of fun 39er celebratory days

June 15th: It’s Nature Photography Day! While you’re out-and-about at the Fair, or taking advantage of San
Shades of Gold ~ L.Rochelle
Diego’s Parks & Recreation Department’s new “
First Time Camping Program,” TODAY is a great day to snap a pic of your campsite, or the nearby bear. (Just kidding—I hope.) Sponsored by the North American Nature Photography Association, they too, are urging us outside, to enjoy nature in all its glory—and as NANPA says, show “… how images are used to advance the cause of conservation and protect plants, wildlife, and landscapes both locally and globally.” Contact them or tag them in your social media posts #NaturePhotographyDay and have fun! 

June 18th: You’re always encouraged to look forward and anew, during the month’s New Moon. Use your New Moon Musings to celebrate June’s New Beginnings with happy energies even in the tough times. It’s life’s simple joys that lift our spirits so we can greet each dawn with gratitude. Is this the month you find your true calling, or hear the call of the wild? Take tiny steps or gigantic strides—just start somewhere.

June 18th: In all your Summer escapades, don’t forget dear ol’ Dad—it’s Father’s Day! Do you know that guys like bouquet gifts too? Surprise pop with a bunch of … meaty edibles, sweet-tooth munchies, or crunchy snacks in a reusable, festive container. Most of all, don’t forget the hugs! 

June 19th: Oh yeah! One of my fave cats is having another UN-birthday—today is Garfield the Cat Day! Ok, he’s a comic-strip “character,” and that’s an understatement. How can I not love the cat with his own 39 and
coffee cup?! Garfield as a formal strip debuted on June 19, 1978, in forty-one newspapers across the country. Garfield promo items began rolling out that year too. Someone close to his creator, Jim Davis (who became a 39er in 1984), or the promoter, must have turned 39 Years Old around the same time. His very collectible vintage cup is stamped with 1978. As the character he is, Garfield joined our
39er ranks in 2017.

June 27th: Wait a second … I’m blinded by the light. Ahhhhh, that’s better—it’s National Sunglasses Day! The sponsoring site rightfully reminds us, “Practice sun-safe behavior by wearing your sunglasses throughout the year, as the sun’s UV rays are always at play.” Especially as a 39er, it’s important to protect your eyes. However, it’s also too irresistible not to think of ZZ Top and 1979’s “Cheap Sunglasses”! Granted, many brands and styles are decidedly not cheap, but even affordable sunnies keep your eyes protected these days. So, no excuses—don your best Blues Brothers shades, 39ers, and look “cool”! Then prove it. Upload a safe #SunglassSelfie to social on #NationalSunglassesDay.

June 30th-July 2nd: First of the “double-J days” starts with a flight into the unknown with Roswell UFO Days:

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, their site IDs those of you who think beyond the norm, “Since 1996, the UFO Festival has attracted thousands of humanoids with an insatiable curiosity and love of all things alien, based on the 1947 Roswell Incident.” (I added Roswell link for your curious convenience.) Do I believe there is more to the story than our illustrious government has shared with us? Absolutely. But just what, remains the mystery. For 39ers who are a little more grounded Hannibal, Missouri might be more to your liking … 

June 30th-July 4th: Beloved Midwest writer, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) centered many of his stories around the geographical areas he knew as a youngster. National Tom Sawyer Days celebrate his youth spent in Hannibal, Missouri, which is featured in his tales of Tom Sawyer. Vibrant scenes depicted in his writings suggest the power and hint at the mystical majesty of the mighty Mississippi River. The man certainly had a gift for stirring the imagination of his readers.

֎ Monthly Song of Note ♪ 
Humans think in color and summer is full of them. So 39ers, for our Song of Note, slip your mind back to a lifetime ago, when photographs were taken with “film”—remember that?! The colors were so sharp and clear … which likely inspired young Paul Simon to write, “Kodachrome.”
You give us those nice bright colors | You give us the greens of summers  

Do you know Simon originally called it “Going Home”? Although that title works too, “Kodachrome” is much more expressive, don’t you think? And continues right into the opening lines we all know and love When I think back | On all the crap I learned in high school Check out more tuneful tidbits to manifest your memories of 1973, and keep the Rock Rockin’ from 50 Years Ago this Month! 

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars 
Happy UN-Birthday
39ers! Let’s dive into Summer with Gemini energy (05/21-06/20) that will be in abundance this month. The Zodiac "twins" refer to your mind; it’s your job to get your body up to speed with it. Think a fun retreat with friends or family, or simply stretching your legs in a weekend stroll. Whichever, as we said earlier, get out there!

Our Cancer 39ers (06/21-07/22), known for their gentle, reticent ways, may become even more retrospective as they work through both personal and professional uncertainties in the early part of June. Your analysis of how you relate to those closest to you, Cancerians, will be spot-on all month and beyond. Looking for a financial windfall? The month’s aspects are looking good for you as we head toward July.

Friends and family of June 39ers, looking for the best ways to help them celebrate? Think June’s lustrous pearls (currently in fashion again), the pale purple of alexandrite, or luminous moonstone, paired with their favorite color of roses. 

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude  
Have you learned yet that anger and anxiety have no place in old age? You’re not truly living if you’re not learning that life is too short to sweat the small stuff.   ~ L. Rochelle 

Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ JUNE 2023! 
       This one’s for you, kids – Sally (Sarah), Christine, Melanie and Russ!

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