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39ers Aging with ATTitude Platitude August 2023

August Super Moons & Yesterday Once More    

With big summer moons and languid vaca days, August simply begs 39ers to wax nostalgic. Music and moons have often been paired with wistful memories in music and our monthly Song of Note says it best.

We begin the month with a Full Moon—and end it that way too! We’re in a Super Blue Moon month which won’t be repeated until 2037. So take advantage of the extra magnetic pull on your psyche and enjoy!

֎ Celebrating AUGUST 39ers ~ And More! 

Arrgghhh, Matey! Welcome to Arrr-gust aka International Pirate MonthAlthough these days we tend to glorify pirates and give them some redeeming character, truth is, they weren’t very nice people. Did you know they were often hired by leaders of countries? So that says a lot about the generational character of politicians! 😊 Queen Elizabeth I even knighted Francis Drake on the return of an especially lucrative trip. Yes, that Sir Francis Drake. (Learn about more “popular” pirates.)

So were they any women pirates back in their glory days? You betcha. Five of the most prolific female pirates have some interesting tales to tell. Unfortunately, thieving and murdering pirates exist today as well, which doesn’t stop their colorful garb from being one of the most popular Halloween costumes. Time to practice your best Pirate jargon and imitate Cap’n Morgan, “Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum!” Ahoy, me 39er lads and lassies, let’s see what joy we can plunder this month …

August 1: It’s Blue Moon Magic! TWO incredible SUPER Full Moons this month. One today and the other on August 30th. One month with two completely different Full Moon Musings. Get busy wrapping up early year projects to clear your calendar for Fall fun! 

Although the 30th’s Full Moon will be especially rare, the Full Sturgeon Moon is no slouch. Also a Supermoon, it honors the giant, prehistoric freshwater fish that were once plentiful in lakes nationwide. They’re still a tasty catch, just not quite as abundant. This Full Moon is also known as the Flying Up Moon! The Cree revered nature and this month features young birds preparing to try out their wings and flyyyyyyy! 

August 6th-12th: Since we’re prepping early for Halloween as pirates, what other age-old attire is great for the spiritual and dress-up holiday? Grab your crystal ball, psychics, it’s International Psychic Week! These are serious people with a fun vibe to help you learn or hone your metaphysical skills.

August 16th: What do find between two summer Super Full Moons? Our New Moon Musings in Leo! Yes, as with all New Moons, we use this time to consider what’s fresh in life that we might add for clarity or create anew. The Leo New Moon reminds us to take advantage of this outgoing Fire sign’s sense of community while expressing our own personalities. It’s also a great time to poke some fun with our inner child and enjoy your summer!

August 17th: Whether you’re superstitious, believe in a “familiar,” or simply appreciate all cats, enjoy Black Cat Appreciation Day! I love the idea of this special day, but the supporting link’s site has been only sporadically maintained since 2018. You might have more fun on the secondary “official” link. Fun Black Cat apparel. Or enjoy Black Cat Appreciation Day: Celebrate with a Cocktail | Then try to spell Superstitious! (My next t-shirt!) Suffice it to say, if you have a black cat, give it an extra hug today and remember when you first met. Cats always seem to make it special … purrrrrrr.

August 27th: I did it. I found a celebrated game day for every age, intellect, and budget—today is World Rock Scissors Paper Day. It’s true, 39ers! There really is a World Rock Paper Scissors community! From events, to tournaments, rules (there aren’t many!) to logo apparel, WRSP is fun, exciting and entertaining for everyone. Challenge your friends to a match or decide who buys dinner. Learn all about it and how to participate!

August 29th: Any lifelong cardplaying 39ers out there? Rummage through your cupboards for a deck of cards and enjoy According to Hoyle Day! Sadly, this day too, is sans an officiant. However, enough of us surely used the term regarding official rules at least once during a game of whatever you play most. For Edmond Hoyle, it began with Whist. He tutored players and finally published A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist. He was a fanatical cardplayer, so of course, other games followed suit. In our family, it was Pinochle. What’s yours? But can you believe that with all Hoyle’s prominence in game rules over centuries (he first published the rules of Whist in 1742), a July 2023 Jeopardy! panel failed to identify him? They were asked (paraphrasing) who was often referred to for card game rules … all three of them just stood there going, “Duhhhhh” LOL Surely James Holzhauer would know the correct “Who is” answer.

August 30th: It’s part two of our summer SUPER Full Moon Magic! This is no ordinary supermoon, however, it is also the last “super blue moon” until 2037! So if you can, 39ers, find a good place to enjoy the August 30th Super Full Blue Moon in your area. Were you watching the last time two full supermoons graced the sky in the same month? It was 2018, so obviously, they don’t happen often.

This Full Blue Moon promises to be the closest, biggest and brightest full Supermoons of 2023. Of course, every Full Moon begs you to reflect and reminisce as you close a chapter and head towards another new beginning with the next New Moon. This incredibly powerful moon urges you to start tidying up your year so far, and begin planning the successful culmination of this year’s projects. The Full Moon is most powerful on the night it rises and through the two following nights. Make them count.

֎ Monthly Song of Note   
With two super Full Moons making this an emotional month, are you ready to reminisce with me? No one did ballads in the early 1970s like The Carpenters. And in AUGUST 1973 they made it “Yesterday Once More” for all of us. It was on its way up to a stellar top ten tune, at #18 for KOVO/Provo, Utah, week of August 29, 1973. Go ahead, sing a long, you know you want to  ... When I was young | I'd listen to the radio | Waitin' for my favorite songs  ... more tuneful tidbits to manifest your memories of 1973 and keep the Rock Rockin’ from 50 Years Ago this Month!  

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars 

Leo 39ers (07/23-08/22), the New Moon in your sign this month, is a fortuitous sign for you to take a serious look at new business opportunities. By the Full Blue Moon on the 30th you’ll be able to capitalize on major decisions from the first’s Full Moon. But don’t leave your heart out of the Moon Magic! Mid-month’s New Moon will prove to be consequential in facing your love life square-on. It’s OK. You’ll have just the right amount of charm on hand. Just make sure you give it your full attention (during the Full Moon!).

This month is truly the time for you to wrap some things up, Virgo 39ers. You worked hard in the first half of the year, so rev your motor and finish, to reap the rewards you deserve! You too, will make great use of the 16th’s New Moon as your astute inner strength creates innovative ways to move forward personally and professionally. Make yourself clear, but not demanding. Then make way for a romantic night with the Super Full Blue Moon.

For those of you with family or friends born in August, the Peridot birthstone is always a great gift choice. Its refreshing light green, often called the “evening emerald,” is complimentary to nearly everyone. Fun fact, Peridot is indeed, special as one of few gemstones that occur naturally, in only one color. Or be creative and look for other gifts in light green—apparel, plants, or give them their new, favorite throw pillow! Want a splash of vibrant color to add to the green? August’s birth flowers are gladiolus and poppies. Can’t go wrong!

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude 
Turning 39 and Holding means releasing your inner child for the rest of your life. ~ L. Rochelle 

Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ AUGUST 2023!
       This one’s for you, kids – Linda, Jim, Stephanie, and Tanya!  

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08/02/23 – Original belated post intro: Ah yes, we’re late as usual. Ya know, it used to be called “fashionably late.” Now we’re just lagging. Anyway, there is MUCH in store for you August 39ers! From International Pirate Month to International Psychic Week (6th-12th) and Black Cat Appreciation Day (17th). Of course we have a great monthly Song of Note, and words of wit with a modicum of wisdom for Leos and Virgos, and so much more!  

And dear readers, I just want you to know that I try my best to create an informative, aesthetically creative article for you each month. However, Blogger is not a professional hosting site—but they’re free through Google. So we’re stuck with their crummy platform that doesn’t work well to manipulate images with writing, if you aren’t a techie who knows HTML. Trust me, I’ve tried for years to write articles without gaps between paragraphs and even between sentences. Sigh. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and be able to afford a professional hosting site someday. Cheers!

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