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39ers Aging with ATTitude January 2024

 U.S. 39ers: Aging with “Americans”   

Happy UN-Birthday January 39ers! Are you turning 39 and Holding this month? You’re in great company! Millions of people turn 40 every day … are you going to cry about it or embrace it!?

Whether it’s your first 39 and Holding birthday or your 20th + UN-Birthday, you’re automatically an esteemed member of the club! 39ers’ creed: Life is more fun if you’re Aging with ATTitude!

If you’re a first-timer to this site, or if it’s been a while since you thought about what it means to be a 39er, you may wonder why you’re here. Because you need a place to escape from the daily grind, yes, but more than that, you may have lost touch with your inner child.

We remind you that it’s okay to play. Not just physically, but to let your mind wander, explore, and exclaim, with all the innocence of a child, touched with a twist of knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes in the course of life, we forget that we once liked to giggle or make a funny face, or simply discover with the natural inquisitiveness of a child.

Each month we celebrate your UN-Birthday with mini-horoscopes, offbeat revelries, and silly reasons to celebrate. Sprinkle a few skewed views of the day around (often understood only if you’re a 39er) and our "Aging with ATT-i-tude" axioms will offer a fresh perspective on 39er life.

So, is your auto-response to the nosey age query, always “39 and Holding”? Good for you! Do you know who coined the phrase? Hint: he turned his 1930s vaudeville popularity into entertainment for early radio listeners and transitioned to upstart television broadcasting as a bona fide funnyman. See if you’re right  

In recent years, it’s being stressed in the medical field that stress is a #1 contributor to mental and physical decline as you age. Whether your UN-birthday is this month or you just need a little pick-me-up, we’ll share the inane side of life and encourage you to take a few minutes to release your inner child. Be silly. Be curious. And smile … laugh … or even snort! Let it all go and let’s have some fun!

֎ Celebrating JANUARY 39ers ~ And More!  
I recently watched the latest
Ricky Gervais Netflix special. Talk about skewed news and views! LOL But tucked into his irreverent rhetoric was a jewel of truism: “You can’t control your thoughts.”

Of course, you shouldn’t act on all of your thoughts, and many shouldn’t even be spoken aloud; it reminds us, however, at one point as a child, we did just that. Sometimes, it was much to the chagrin of our parents. Being a 39er with a hint of wisdom and still in touch with your inner child, is the best of both worlds. Enjoy!

January Events & Notable Days 

With low January temps it’s no wonder we celebrate National Soup Month! Betcha can’t guess who sponsors it? If you yelled, Campbell’s, you’re definitely a 39er! The iconic brand has been around long before even we, were born—it celebrates 155 years in 2024 and by 1898 had designed its red-and-white label colors that we all know. It even inspired a fantastic Andy Warhol series of classic pop art. Of course, Campbell’s isn’t the only soup in town—you may even rival it with your own homemade variety! Feed your inner child with a warm blankie and a hot cuppa soup.

Are you a dancin’ fool? Do you know it’s National Polka Music Month? What better way to keep your youthful figure? (Or get it back again!) The energetic dance is often considered just a Polish culture pastime, but besides throughout Europe, it’s been an American dance-hall mainstay since pioneer days. Sponsored by the International Polka Assoc. based in Illinois, check out their list of Polka events around the Midwest and East Coast; or look for fun and festive Polka events in your local area. A-1-&-a-2 …   

January 3rd & 4th: Well, I wanted to tell you about The Quadrantids Meteor Shower for these days, but as luck would have it, we’re a tad late. Hope you were in an area that could see the vibrant show. Go here for more meteor showers throughout this year, with a magnificent Geminid Meteor Shower predicted, to wind up the year in December.

January 11th: Celebrate January’s New Beginnings with New Moon Musings! Always a popular day in January, this New Moon boosts your life refresher course for the month and the year. A great day to meditate (and for three days after).  

January 23rd: Do you flex your fingers after a full day of keyboarding? Take a break and exercise your fingers on National Handwriting Day! The self-serving sponsor is more for wholesalers than the public (writing instruments, of course), but it does remind us that in a world of keyboards and screens, we should make the effort to enjoy tech downtime and simply write … on a piece of paper … with a pen or pencil. Remember those? Do more than write your name. Maybe enjoy a new practice of handwriting even a few paragraphs daily, in a journal. You’ll find a new writing perspective.

January 25th: Do you feel it? Full Moon Magic surrounds each of us to create an individually personal energy that works within and without us. If you’re in touch with your inner being, the Full Moon can guide you through the month and connect you with your immediate future. Always a good couple of days (one before, one after) to meditate—even ten minutes is better than nothing—or at least give yourself a half-hour of personal peace. I typically take a whole day to simply “do nothing” and recharge my inner batteries.

This month, the Full Wolf Moon (as known by Native Americans of New England and the Great Lakes), shines on the wolves howling in hunger. A fitting alternative name, the Full Center Moon, comes from the Assiniboine people, denoting the middle of the cold season when creature food stores may be dwindling.

January 26th: For San Diegans (California) this is a good day to head out to the San Diego County Fairgrounds and enjoy a tribute concert to the Grateful Dead, by Dark Star Orchestra. They focus on offering full setlists from the sizable repertoire of the Dead’s massive list of concerts. Not in San Diego? Check out this site of fun festival listings across the country. 

January 28th: Get out your wax paper and a plastic comb—it’s National Kazoo Day! Although the sponsoringsite suggests this day to celebrate, they also say, “… or anytime around there that suits you.” That’s the laid-back style of the simple musical instrument made popular in the Southern U.S. around the 1840s. It debuted at the Georgia State Fair in 1852 as the “Down South Submarine,” but wasn’t commercially produced until 1912. Think it’s only for “simple songs”? Think again … the Kazoo has made appearances in Rock greats’ musical tunes from Pink Floyd to Jimi Hendrix and the band Weezer. Start humming and enjoy!

֎ Monthly Song of Note  
Finally, we come to the 39AHC vintage Song of Note for January 1974—and the inspiration for our article title. 39ers “of a certain age,” not only remember much of what the song’s lyrics speak, but the patriotism we once shared 50 Years Ago.

Byron MacGregor (born Gary Mack, a Canadian radio/TV news anchor and director), topped the charts with a heartfelt recording of “The Americans” as a reminder of our contributions to the world. At the time, MacGregor was a news director at the powerful CKLW radio station in Windsor, Ontario, with proceeds donated to The American Red Cross.

Now as then, America has suffered turmoil within and without … but even through all the chaos and mayhem in 1974, we were still collectively proud and doggedly strong. Perhaps this reminder of our history is again, in order for all of us. And this Canadian thinks it's time | To speak up for the Americans | As the most generous and possibly | The least appreciated people | In all the Earth  Click this link for more tuneful tidbits to manifest your memories of 1974, and keep the Rock Rockin’ from 50 Years Ago this Month! 

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars  

2024 starpower begins as an election year, a Leap Year, anoints the first week of January with a Quadrantid meteor shower, and finishes up with a spectacular Geminid meteor shower in December. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a fun ride!

In the first quarter, we’re celebrating the Capricorn Goat (12/22/23 – 01/19) as we head into the New Year, urging you not to ignore your stringent goals, but ease up a bit to evolve with your heart’s desires. By the New Moon on January 11th, you’ll be charged up and ready for action! Make sure you know what you want …

Our Aquarius Water-Bearers (01/20 – 02/18), however, need to stay the course on forging ahead with career, talents, and monetary gains, all year. This should prove to be a stellar year for you, right from the beginning. The 25th’s Full Moon will trigger a change you’ve been considering … do it now, and move forward.

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude  
In the beginning of a New Year, it’s imperative that 39ers in all facets of life … personal, community, country, and world … review to improve.
 ~ L. Rochelle 

Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ JANUARY 2024 ~ Happy New Year! 
       This one’s for you, kids – Renee, Erin, Chris, Jodie Joe!

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