Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 39ers – Feasts, Fun, and … Ouija?

Ah yes, the sweet but overly balanced Libra gives way this month to the somewhat uneven and intense mysteries of Scorpio. Admit it – you’re already thinking sex, passion, the occult, and probably sex again.

Sorry … (heehee) we’re going to focus on the Occult. There are as many ways to define that word as there are bats in the belfry. But by and large it signifies a deepened probe into life’s secrets and/or belief in alternative spirituality.

November 39ers may often be intrigued with superficial trappings of the perceived supernatural – among them, the Ouija “game.” Do you know that its origin can be traced back to 540 B.C.? Pythagoras, the philosopher, apparently amazed his friends and followers with frequent mystic séances. “Hello, hello, calling all ancestors …”

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov 21): So … is it no accident that the cryptic Scorpion month follows All Hallow’s Eve? Adding to the mystery, the Zodiac sign has been awarded its own celebratory day of warning: November 18 is National Married to a Scorpio Support Day.* (Hmmmm – was it created by one of my exes??) 

It’s true, of all the months, I know November best – Happy UN-Birthday to me! I am a third generation Scorpio female (the men in our family have never stood a chance), with the only other female descendant – after skipping through an all-male generation – is, yes, a Scorpio. (Witchy!)

While we tend to be moody, brooding, and at times, unapproachable, Scorps may also reveal a hypnotic attraction that can make them the life of the party … if they so desire. Think Sally Field (6th) and Leonardo DiCaprio (11th). Though frequently reclusive, when needed, they glow like the November golden topaz.

Don’t you find it ironic that the “darkness” of Scorpio’s November is symbolized by the Chrysanthemum – meaning “cheerfulness”? Somebody got their occult wires crossed. But we’ll take the cheery flower and analyze it to death – or until the Phoenix rises with it, or Sag’s archer pins it to the wall.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21): On the other hand, the rest of the month moves toward Holiday parties with particular glee. Sag brightens the mood with their high energy exploration of people, life, and travel. We’ll take a longer look at the scintillating Centaur in December. Cool – it’s the Holidays – let’s PAR-ty! 

In the meantime, look deep into my eyes …

Happy UN-Birthday November 39ers!

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*See all the crazy “happening” calendar days on Brownielocks. Warning! It’s so much fun, you could lose your whole day there.

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