Friday, July 31, 2015

August 39er's Dog Days

Are you suffering … 

… through “the dog days of summer”? No doubt August gets a bad rap. But dawg, it’s party time! At least according to more than a few cities around the country that celebrate their dogs and party too.

With or without a dog, you August folks are natural partiers. When this month was renamed* in 8 BC for Augustus, who founded the Roman Empire, celebrations honored his amazing triumphs. Let there be wine! 

I dare say, the outgoing Leo can certainly turn the not-always-an-angel Virgo on to some cool party tricks during these hot days.

As the life of the party – nightclub or beach – Leos wield the Gladiolus stalk with authority. Your birth month flower – also called “sword lily” – becomes a foil raised above their head, while you’re lead in a bouncy Bunny Hop. Never a dull moment. (Don’t forget the lampshade.) 

Looking for something a little more sedate? Try a trip to Arizona for some Peridot hunting!

The bright green birthstone is a desert specialty in Arizona, famous for its Peridot gem quality. A fresh breeze brushes your brow, as you’re mesmerized by the depths of this cool, green gemstone, said to have magical powers and healing properties.

OK, snap out of it – time to get on with the month – and on with the party, August 39ers! Whatever you do to celebrate the day and take your mind off the heat, stay safe and sane. (Well, safe anyway …)

Myself, in August I tend to prefer horses over dogs – see ya at the races

Happy UN-Birthday August 39ers,
(Here’s lookin’ at you, kid – August 39AHC Birthday 39er: Jim.)


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*It was Sextilis in Latin, as the sixth month, until about 700 BC.

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