Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September to Remember

September people are special, indeed. Challenging the Zodiac realm with Virgo’s perfectionism and Libra’s gentle sense of balance, they are both formidable and lovable.

And no wonder you’re confused with your scales of life going up and down!

“September” is derived from the Roman word for “seven” making it the seventh month in the oldest Roman calendar – now, we’re guided by the Gregorian calendar for which the powers that be made September the ninth month.

Sigh, the scales will never balance that way! You’re in famous good company, however, as Librans are famously talented …
This month is a great time for everyone to reflect on your year as it prepares to fly off into the sunset … or the last few years … or all the Septembers of your life … Try to Remember (the kind of September) your best September and enjoy it once again!

Don your fave sapphire shirt or dress and feel special not just on your birthday – which should be filled with balloons and Morning Glories or the traditional Asters – but all month long.

While you’re prancing about, celebrating, keep an eye out for some famous September birthday buds: Keanu Reeves (51 on 2nd), Sophia Loren (81 on 20th), Bill Murray (65 on 21st), Bruce Springsteen (66 on 23rd), and the lovely Ms. Olivia Newton-John (67 on 26th).

Remember in September – it isn’t your age … it’s your att-i-tude that counts!

Happy UN-Birthday September 39ers,
(Here’s lookin’ at you, kids – 39AHC September Birthday 39ers: Barb, Jennifer, Thomas, Chad, Scott & Verne!)

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