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39ers Aging with ATTitude Platitude October 2022

 39ers in October ~ Yeehaw & Yum-Yum!   

Well, October 39ers, I’m as frustrated as you that the 39AHC blog is so late this month! Ya know how it is when life gets in the way of our plans. Are you ready to PAR-tay?!  

From now through the end of 2022, there is a (good) reason to party all along the way. Especially if you have a 39er UN-birthday in the works. Hopefully, I’m getting this out there in time for you!  

We know Oktoberfest is for beer lovers and has been a tradition from latter September through early October since about 1811. And it’s thought that somewhere in the 1970s October Rock & Roll concerts cropped up and we dubbed it Rocktober ...  but with a couple of twists, October could become ...

BACH-tober for classical music celebrations of Johann Sebastian Bach! Oh! How about SOCKtober, as the time of year we celebrate our silly sockies for winter? Or, we could get even goofier with KNOCKtober! October 31st is National Knock-Knock Jokes Day!* Oh yeah ... we’re havin’ fun now ... 

֎ Celebrating OCTOBER 39ers ~ And More!   
Guess what, ya-all? It’s Country Music Month! Fifty-two years ago this month (October 1970), President Richard Nixon signed the
proclamation and asked the American people to mark October as Country Music Month. So head on over to your favorite honky tonk or put on a couple of
Country/Rock crossovers and do your best boot-scootin’ boogie!  

And doesn’t it just make sense that it’s also National Chili Month? The South, Country Music and Chili ... there’s nothing better ... oh, and beer. Amazingly, there is no official link for the special designation, so we’ll turn you on to a couple of places to find great recipes to enjoy your belly-warming chili while you read on for October’s fun celebrations. Yeehaw and yum-yum! 

October 9th: Get out your binoculars, it’s the Full Hunter’s Moon! The big, glowing ball will, like last month’s full moon, seem larger and brighter than usual, in the dark night sky. While it originally presaged the need to hunt for winter’s food store, in today’s world we can also use this full moon to hunt for new projects to keep us occupied and thriving in the upcoming winter. Celebrating the autumnal equinox, it’s known in some areas as the Falling Leaves Moon (an Anishinaabe term) and the Migrating Moon (Cree). Enjoy, as you start winding up your primary projects, in anticipation of the coming New Moon ...  

October 25th: Celebrate October’s New Beginnings with a partial solar eclipse!* Our New Moon Musings are especially important this month, as everyone feels the intense Scorpio vibes. It’s a great time for self-evaluation, in all areas of life, in preparation for the New Year. We don’t need to figure it all out now, but start making notes as the moon takes a bite out of the sun. (*We won’t see it in the U.S., but we’ll still feel it!) 

October 26th: There are some people who simply howl at the moon for fun ... and then there are those who make a party out of it every night! Presenting Howl at The Moon Night, tonight, tomorrow night, any night you choose. “Howl at the Moon is the total entertainment experience! Our high-energy live music show is centered around dance hits and party anthems that will get you dancing in no time.” Fourteen locations in Midwest to East and South are available for your party pleasure. 

October 31st: It’s true! There’s something to celebrate today other than Halloween (Samhain in Ireland)! Grab your kids and have fun on National Knock-Knock Jokes Day!* There isn’t an official link, so—Knock, knock. Who’s there? Nobody. Nobody who? No body to claim this fun day!
Knock, knock! Who’s there? Jewel. Jewel who? Jewel be happy to know it’s almost Halloween! Okay, your turn! To get you in the mood, I found JokesBuzz that doesn’t stop at knock-knock jokes. Have fun ...

Speaking of howling at the moon, we can’t leave Halloween without a nod to my fave-ever Rock Radio DJ, the venerable and still-missed, Aoooowwwwooooo ... Wolfman Jack! Wolfman’s gonna do it, like he does it all night long ...

֎ Monthly Song of Note  
The perfect October/Halloween song on the 1972 Rock Radio charts is of course, the Eagles’ “Witchy Woman.” Since that one is featured on the BFYP blog, I give you ... the Moody Blues and “Nights in White Satin”! **
No, it isn’t exactly spooky like “Witchy’s” seductress, but it is haunting. Apparently, the band’s Justin Hayward, wrote the song to mean unrequited love. But its melancholy music is somber and thought-provoking lyrics are deeply odd. Especially on their album edition.** The spoken words at song’s end leave us puzzled and solemn ...
Red is gray and | Yellow white | But we decide | Which is right | And | Which is an Illusion ... more tuneful tidbits to manifest your memories of 1972, 50 Years Ago this Month! 

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars

For most of us, the last quarter of the year is always extra hectic and demanding. October starts it all off, and away we go! This year, 39ers, embrace all “The Season” has to offer, as we celebrate the quiet justice of Librans and Scorpios’ intense scrutiny.
Librans (09/23–10/22) you’re in for a busy month of change! You may find your personal life takes a turn, while your professional dealings open you up to new possibilities. Don’t be shy. You’re great at weighing your options, so watch which way the scales tip and go for it! Your UN-birthday party can be especially fun—if you put your mind to it. Psssst: Friends of Librans, they look good in blue ... Sapphire gems, ocean-hued clothes, and sky-blue blankies.
Scorpios (10/23–11/21) however, are in a period of self-assessment, as we approach the powerful October 25th Solar Eclipse. You’ll feel the influences on your connection to finances and stimulating, intimate relationships. Use this time to see yourself and others in a new way that may even inspire you to do a personal makeover. Show everyone what Aging with ATTitude truly means. It’s your UN-birthday, Scorpio 39ers, enjoy! Are you gift-buying for a Scorpio 39er? Don’t make it cheap or impersonal. Deep maroon sheets or deep-golden topaz gems are perfect!

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude
I joke about “39 and Holding,” but seriously, in your mind, how old are you?
~ L. Rochelle 

Cheers to your Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ Spooky OCTOBER 2022! 
This one’s for you, kids – Ron, Cheryl, Kim, Tammy, Lin, and Terry!

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