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39ers Aging with ATTitude Platitude November 2022

Adopt a Turkey & Have a Garden Party Thanksgiving!  

Happy UN-birthday NOVEMBER 39ers! Invite a turkey to your party! No, really—not the kind you stuff in your oven—maybe a cute little stuffed toy turkey? Or, you can adopt a turkey and make it the star of the party!

I know you think that’s crazy—not the first time I’ve been called that! But that’s what’s fun about being 39 and Holding—crazy is a compliment! Let’s feast on November’s fun ...

֎ Celebrating NOVEMBER 39ers ~ And More!    

Yeah, I know it’s the wrong time of year for a garden party, but you’ll see in the November Song of Note, why it could work inside! The deco? All the farm-fresh veggies that accentuate your Thanksgiving meal. Colorful and yummy!

But if you’re a traditional Thanksgiving partier, here’s a shocker for ya ... it’s officially Adopt A Turkey Month! Ya think?! You better believe it ... he’s gonna be adopted right into my oven. Sorry if that
offends anyone but I am a meat eater and I dine on so much chicken throughout the year that a yummy roasted turkey for Thanksgiving is a welcome treat!

       However, CNN’s host-link 2010 news article (above), seriously suggests we “adopt” a turkey—for real! Yes, there is a Farm Sanctuary Adopt-a-Turkey Project. They have saved hundreds of farm animals (not just the gobblers) from slaughter since opening in 1986, and now have two physical locations for rescuing, housing, and educating about animal sanctuaries, in California and New York. For a one-time $35 donation, you can symbolically adopt a turkey rather than eat one. Learn more here.

Have you daydreamed about your youth lately, or wondered what Grandpa George’s youth was like? It’s never too late to begin your personal legacy and November is Family Stories Month.

      I applaud the topic of this link-host’s website that focuses on the importance of life stories for adoptees and their adoptive parents. But am not impressed with their site’s lack of current information on the subject; and I really don’t get those sites that have a blog, events, or other page that clues you in on whether it’s still operating, but neglect to include the YEAR on any of their data, so you really have to dig and sometimes “surmise” whether it’s still a functioning enterprise.
39AHC also urges you—adopted or not—to record details of your life at all ages, for future generations. On our parent site, Penchant for Penning, you’ll find a helpful page about writing your legacy. Not just a “memoir” that suggests you need to live long to write it, but start young, build it over time, and pass it on. You, your grandchildren and their grandchildren will appreciate your efforts.

November 8th: It’s Full Moon Magic! Talk about a busy beaver ... this month’s Full Beaver Moon not only illuminates election day—if only—it’s pretty murky, but like our politics, it immediately sinks into oblivion in a total lunar eclipse ... are you ready?
       This eclipse also makes it a dynamic “Blood Moon,” so this full moon is full of surprises and color, as the beavers burrow into their lodges for their long winter’s nap.
       Also called the Digging and Scratching Moon by the Tlingit natives, think of other animals still prepping their winter homes with nuts and greens. Or dogs and cats—digging and scratching—whatever works for you!

November 23rd: Ah, we get philosophical with this month’s New Moon Musings  as we’re only a short month or so away from the profound new beginnings of a New Year. Let the retrospection and forward musings begin!  

November 23rd: The calendars note National Jukebox Day but without a hosting link. Well, we can’t have that! Our Big Bro site, Blast from Your Past is dedicated to the Oldies music and Rock Radio DJs who brought it to us—where it inevitably—landed in a jukebox! From the 1940s through at least the 1980s, there was a jukebox everywhere we gathered for fun and music.

       Mini-jukeboxes sat on our tables in the diners and the big, colorful ones were the focal point of any popular bar, across the country. And like Rock & Roll, they refuse to fade away or die ... jukeboxes just rolled with the punches over the decades and morphed according to progress.
       Smart jukebox manufacturers simply updated their technology and the music kept playing ... put another dime in the jukebox, baby  ... if only they were still a dime! Go here for more info and Rock On!

November 24th: Of course, it’s Thanksgiving! But it’s also Brownielocks Day. I totally love this day. Until recent silver locks covered half of my head, I was a fortunate auburn-haired lass most of my life (when I wasn’t trying to dye the red out). However, my favorite calendar lister is Brownielocks—yup, named for her proud mass of burnished brown hair.
       She purchased her site on this day to bring humor and important information to your yearly calendar. For years I’ve enjoyed culling her calendar data for my writings, to bring you viral and valuable insights!
       As her site says, she wants you brunettes “To take pride in having brown hair. And, in some cases, BIG brown hair!” Are you a brunette with ATT-i-tude? Brownielocks has just the fun products for you.

֎ Monthly Song of Note  
Only the eldest of our 39ers will remember Thanksgiving 1972 as the charming Rick Nelson  (about the time he decided to grow up from “Ricky”) crooned his nostalgia and laments of a “Garden Party.”

       Rick sang, I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends | A chance to share old memories and play our songs again ... lots of nostalgia as his tune slipped a tad from #7 to #11 on KROQ/L.A.’s survey*.
       Many of us will have a Thanksgiving party/dinner of some sort—not necessarily in a garden—and I’ve been known to do it for a party of one (moi), thinking of Thanksgivings past, as I dressed my turkey to join me for the occasion, when I wasn’t near family or close friends.
       You might not have a garden party but this song manifests the memories, melodies, and good food of our lives every Thanksgiving.
You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself   Let’s keep the Rock Rockin’ from *50 Years Ago this Month!  

֎ For 39ers who Follow the Stars 
Like it or not, here we are in the Holiday Season. Might as well party on with Scorpios (10/23-11/21) and Sagittarians (11/22-12/21), two of the Zodiac’s best partiers!

       Well, Scorps, it’s a good thing you’re an expert in dodging curveballs or working them to your advantage. There’ll be plenty of them, both personally and professionally, although it won’t be all bad. This would be a good time to turn on your considerable charm and use your stingers as a batting ram, so as the New Moon rises (11/23), attitude trumps curveballs, in time for your UN-birthday gala.
       In the meantime, good samaritan Sagittarians will also face some challenges until the New Moon appears on high. Don’t neglect your health (same goes for Scorpios on the cusp) but do try to see when others in your circle might also need care. Show your gratitude even in times of stress. It won’t last. Health issues should be resolved by the end of the month, just in time for your Un-birthday party!

֎ Aging with ATT-i-tude Platitude
Aging gives your Holidays more depth of feeling ... use your memories to feel the joy.
~ L. Rochelle 

Cheers to your Happy UN-Birthday 39ers ~ NOVEMBER 2022! 
This one’s for you, kids – JV, Jackie, and yours truly

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Orig’l post 11/07/22: For you dedicated 39ers, sorry I haven’t posted anything earlier for November. My mind is on it, but my body isn’t cooperating. I hope you’ll enjoy what I have so far ... the rest should be up on Tuesday. We’re just lacking the last few elements and some fun images to dress it up. And if you haven’t yet, please also enjoy October’s spooky 39er sweets ...

And dear readers, I just want you to know that I try my best to create an informative, aesthetically creative article for you each month. However, Blogger is not a professional hosting site—but they’re free through Google. So we’re stuck with their crummy platform that doesn’t work well to manipulate images with writing. Trust me, I’ve tried for years to write articles without gaps between paragraphs and even between sentences. Sigh. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and be able to afford a professional hosting site someday. Cheers!

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