39 & Holding DAY™ Feb 14th

Updated: 02/07/2021
The 39 and Holding Club is proud to announce and sponsor an official “39 and Holding Day”! Add it to your calendar: February 14th!

Trust me, it was difficult to decide on just one day of the calendar. After all, people are turning 40 every day of every year! However …

In 2022 all you “39ers” are urged to c'mon by and enjoy the first official 39 and Holding Day on February 14th!

Yep, I’m planning in advance, though there was/is of course, a slight delay in 2020-2021, as we all adjust our lives through the pandemic. So if you visit this page before February 14, 2022, we’re not celebrating quite yet. 
But that gives me--and you--time to come up with fun and special ways to celebrate “us,” and plenty of opportunity to add it to your calendar! Hopefully we’ll all be settled into whatever our “new normal” lives have become, so we can concentrate on fun and party on. 
If you have great ideas for celebrating the day, please feel free to share with me, and create your own 39 and Holding Day in your neighborhood! Let's chat.

Oh yes, I know it’s on Valentine’s Day, usually reserved for couples in love. Why choose such a congested celebratory day for all 39ers? There are two strategic reasons …

Of course, millions of 39ers are “love” babies, born on February 14th. But even if we’re not one of them, we can celebrate the day collectively, as born Forever Young in heart and mind, with Love and Laughter!

People who think young—and even if you just turned 40, that you are here, proves you do—have two things in common … Love and Laughter. Sharing them with others is the best birthday gift ever, for yourself.

Where did this tongue-in-cheek, ubiquitous saying originate? 
If you recall and/or fell in love with pioneering comedians, it should be no surprise that a most endearing and energizing idiom—39 and Holding—is purportedly thanks to famous funnyman, Jack Benny. (*See the story below.) Early on, I dubbed Mr. Benny the 39 and Holding Club’s unofficial “grandpa.”

With that in mind, welcome to 39 and Holding DAY and I hope you’ll join us in celebrating Love and Laughter on this day every year!

The festivities begin on February 14, 2022. That’s when we hope to finally gain official listing on web calendars as a special observance, and in the minds of our followers.

TBD are the exact circumstances and nature of our celebrations, virtual and possibly a local—San Diego, California/USA—party for anyone wishing to join us. Get together (should be we’re past social distancing) in your neighborhood and celebrate, too.
It doesn’t matter when your birthday is; if you turn “39 and Holding” (your 40th birthday) in 2022 or having another one … welcome!

Watch this page, our 39AHC Events page (coming sometime soon), and our Twitter account @39HoldingClub, for periodic updates. At the very least, we’ll be partying on Twitter (and maybe Facebook—although, I’ve been boycotting them for a while). If things go according to plan, we’ll manage a way to gather in San Diego.

In the meantime, enjoy the inspiration for our “39 and Holding Day” of Love and Laughter and please feel free to contact me with questions or comments …

Birthday’s Should be Fun! 
*Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky), born on this day of parental Love—February 14, 1894—Mr. Benny coined “39 and Holding” on his 40th birthday in a moment of spontaneous Laughter.

As the Golden Girls’ “Sophia Petrillo”** used to say, “Picture this …” It was February 14, 1934 and Mr. Benny was behind the microphone in the studio of his popular self-titled radio show, named for his sponsor that year, “The Chevrolet Program.” (**Estelle Getty; 1980s sitcom.)

For his birthday the year before, he’d enjoyed a rollicking good time on-air, celebrating his 39th birthday with his loyal listeners.

He leaned into the microphone and declared to his radio listeners, We had so much fun last year, I think I’ll turn 39 again! Because there’s nothing funny about 40. Every year after, he declared he was “39 and Holding.”

It became one of his funniest and most-loved running gags and reportedly, upon his death (December 26, 1974), having celebrated his 39th birthday 41 times, some newspapers continued the joke with headlines such as "Jack Benny Dies – At 39?”

He’d have loved it.


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